The movie on Netflix that is a success and its protagonist acted under the influence of drugs

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One of the premises touched on dozens of occasions within the seventh Art is the end of the world or the extinction of humanity, however, none does it like the tape that we recommend below, which has stood out in the catalog of Netflix due to its excellent plot and spectacular performances, particularly one of them, since its protagonist executed some scenes under the influence of drugs.

We talk about Jennifer Lawrence, who confessed that he took drugs during the filming of the film “Don’t Look Up” (Don’t Look Up), which co-stars with Leonardo DiCaprio. The film is directed by Adam McKay, follows the story of Kate Dibiasky (Jennifer Lawrence) is a graduate student in astronomy who, along with her professor Randall Mindy (Leonardo DiCaprio), make a tremendous discovery that puts every living being on Earth at risk. Land.

It is a comet in orbit in the Solar system which is the size of Mount Everest and trying to spread this fateful news will find themselves involved in the strangest adventure of their lives.

this is a movie invites the viewer to reflect due to its outstanding plot and its excellent performances by stars from the movie mecca, that is why we recommend the user to take advantage of these days of relaxation and conviviality to give director Adam McKay a chance, who is behind other titles like “Bad Blood”, the series “Kings of America”, among others.

Lawrence worked under the influence of drugs

It was at the end of 2021 that during a press conference in Los Angeles, Lawrence confessed that in a scene of the film in question, his character looks at the meteorite and learns of its danger. Moments later, she smokes a joint to relax.

According to the portal Yahoo! Entertainment, this interpretation is completely real, because the 31-year-old star thought it would be more credible and original to record under the influence of drugs. In the conferencethe director of the feature film said that the actress asked him for permission to smoke marijuana and he said yes.



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