the most common mistakes when writing

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In WhatsApp spelling errors are usually common. Photo: Shutterstock

Communication is faster and more direct thanks to messaging applications, such as WhatsAppbut that rush to write or want to give a special intonation to the words, we usually fall into certain spelling errors that over time we can ignore and live with them, therefore, we present the most common that exist.

The most common mistakes when writing on WhatsApp

one) pos instead of well. This is generally intentional, to give a relaxed tone to what we say.

2) hahahaha instead of LOL, when expressing laughter. In English they laugh with a h, in Spanish we laugh with a jota. It is not a question of “style”, but of pronunciation. Oh, and also, the h in Spanish is mute!

3) V for B. (and vice versa). Sometimes it happens because they are letters that are together on the keyboard… And other times (obviously very few…), because we simply forget which of the two goes.

4) X for CH. This exchange saves precious fractions of a second, and for some, that’s worth muxonot?

5) G. for J (and backwards). In this yes, when we leave, we have no excuse.

7) Punctuation marks. Commas, periods, parentheses, quotation marks, hyphens… Either we forget them (especially at the end of the sentences), or we skip them on purpose to take as little time as possible… or better we avoid them because we don’t know how to use them … whoops!

8) Incomplete question and exclamation marks. Sometimes, due to the influence of English, we do not use the opening signs. But in Spanish there are no auxiliaries for that language, so the signs are necessary!

9) Lack of accents. The famous accents! We generally omit them for speed reasons. But be careful, sometimes, without them, the meaning of a message completely changes.

10) word alteration. tmb, how much, mnn and many other formulas may, for some, be very useful as shortcodes. But they are still grammatical mistakes.

eleven) Excess ellipsis. There are three: not four, not five, not 10. Three ellipsis, which sometimes we turn into many more. At best, the suspense is really great.

12) Excess vowels. This is more than an error, it is an expressive resource. We can greet with a warm Hoooooola! if our joy does not fit in a simple Hello.

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