The Mexican fans arrived in Qatar with music, alcohol and even Dr. Simi’s botargas

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The Mexican fans are already reaching Qatar 2022 and just by stepping on the airport they are already showing that they will be one of the most representative; an example of this is a man who arrived with a huge sombrero and a large speaker on his back playing mariachi music.

It was the TikTok user @paquideus who shared the picturesque moment with the title: “The Mexicans, the best fans in the World Cups.”

In the recording, the man is seen walking while the song “Morena de mi Corazón” is being listened to, and the recorder comments: “you can see how we make a mess”, then both subjects start talking about their places of origin, but the The talk is short because immediately the one with the horn starts to sing and the others follow him.

“The whole band, how they stare at them”, comments the boy and indeed it is observed how several people at the airport, some apparently locals because they wear the traditional Thawb, look at it with curiosity and record it.

“In Chile we are the mere see&% for these things,” said the man and then showed how the subject with the horn continues touring the place while the curious see him and a girl dances.

The comments about the fan’s attitude had various nuances, as some feared they would arrest him, while others celebrated: “Mexico will win the World Cup… of arrests, nothing more”, “to the rhythm of the song they approach him to arrest him ”, “It seems to me that he is going to end up arrested”, “I am just thinking about what they charged him for excess baggage”, “These videos make my skin crawl and tears come to my eyes. How beautiful my Mexico and its people”, “Mexicans make history in the World Cups, they always leave their mark”, “we will always be the party of the World Cups. Wait until 2026!”

Other videos show Mexican fans at the Qatar airport singing the song “Cielito Lindo.”

Even Dr. Simi came to the Arab country, because in a publication two of this character can be seen dancing to the rhythm of the fans’ songs.

Another recording shows a boy entering the airport with a bottle of alcohol hidden in a garment, for which several people told him that he could get into serious trouble with the local authorities.

This is because 48 hours before the opening match began, Qatar announced a ban on the sale of alcoholic beverages in the vicinity of the stadiums. This despite the fact that there was an agreement with Fifa and the sponsor Budweiser which had spaces in those areas and with established hours. This indicates that those who drink and are intoxicated outside of those limits could be fined up to $800.


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