“The Lord of the Skies” returns with Rafa Amaya

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“El Señor de los Cielos” opens its season on January 17. Photo: Getty Images.

The eighth season of “The Lord of the Skies”series based on the leponymous book by Andrés López López, will see the light next January 17 Y Rafael Anaya returned to the cast to give life again to Aurelio Casillaspopular character who was created based on the story of Beloved Carrillo (“The Lord of the heavens”).

The series will be broadcast on Telemundofrom Monday to Friday, and as revealed by the actor Stephano Moraleswho is part of the cast of this installment, the return of Rafael Anaya to the production was very emotional.

“When the first readings were made, when the production of the series was met, many could not contain their tears or the emotion that Rafa was part of the project again,” Morales assured in an interview with UnoTV.com.

The young actor also recalled that when Anaya began to read his lines, his voice cracked and he couldn’t help being very sensitive at this moment.

Aurelio Casillas returns “The Lord of the Skies”

After almost three years in which the seventh season of “The Lord of the heavens”, the series returns with the surprise that Aurelio’s character was buried alive and although he apparently became a more human and real person, he is thirsty to avenge his mother’s death. So it can be seen in the trailer.

The series is still filming in Mexicois directed by Juan Carlos Valdivia, Conrado Martínez, Mauricio Meneses, and executive produced by Bernardo Mota, Karen Barroeta, Ximena Cantuarias and Harold Sánchez.

During this season of “The Lord of the heavens”, the popular drug lord will establish a powerful union with allies from previous seasons, while facing new romances and uncovering family mysteries. He is also determined to recover everything lost, return to the top and protect the family from him.

These actors are also in the eighth season

  • Carmen Aub (Rutila Casillas)
  • Ivan Arana (Ismael Casillas)
  • Isabella Castillo (Diana Ahumada)
  • Alejandro López (the Super Javi)
  • Renata Manterola (Luzma)
  • Maricela González (La Felina)
  • Africa Zavala (Mecha de la Cruz)
  • Ruben Cut (Fernando Aguirre)
  • Yuri Vargas (Tracy Lobo)
  • Salvador Pineda (Julio Zambrana)
  • Jorge Cardenas (Alan Saade)
  • Stephano Morales (Angel Flores)

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