The lie was uncovered, Pfizer and Moderna shares in danger! Open investigation into vaccines for causing respiratory problems By FXMAG Spain

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©Reuters. The lie was uncovered, Pfizer and Moderna shares in danger! They open research on vaccines for causing respiratory problems

Vaccines of Pfizer (NYSE:) and Moderna are in the red thread, since it would have been proven that they cause certain respiratory problems in the long term and now they are investigating after two long years when billions of people already have it as a requirement to travel and enter to public places. Who is to blame for everything? That is the question that many of us ask ourselves, since although Pfizer did not discard it previously, it was also the doctors and politicians of each country who affirmed its use in order to be able to travel normally. On the other hand, Pfizer shares are still holding above their year-high averages and don’t look like they will move until further notice.

When the former chief scientific officer of Pfizer’s respiratory research unit weighed in on mRNA products, we should have listened…

Are the lies of Pfizer and modern more visible in Latin America?

Johannes is a Chilean journalist well known for sharing his opinion on highly controversial news. He recently tweeted about:

– “Pfizer and Moderna are launching studies to establish long-term side effects of their vaccines in adolescents and young adults (heart problems). They do this AFTER they have been administered to half the world…

At least in Chile, the tension of the latest events at Pfizer has not been widely heard. The press and doctors would have affirmed that vaccines had great protection for people and that is why vaccination was almost mandatory, even for almost all of Latin America. It turns out that neither Pfizer nor the modern vaccine protected us as we were told.

What is happening with Pfizer and its shares in the market?

“We are the news now” is a Chilean computer network that shares news about current affairs. They recently posted about:

– “I always thought that the truth would come to light, vaccines were useless, this was a global scam, the destruction of the Pfizer economy, a plandemic.”

The adjective plandemic is again a trend in networks due to the recent discovery that neither Pfizer nor the modern vaccine protected our body from the Covid 19 virus, on the contrary, they gave us certain long-term respiratory problems, especially in the youngest. Pfizer shares have felt threatened in recent weeks but it hasn’t dropped its market estimates yet.

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Why don’t the press and media talk about what happened with the vaccines?

Nicole Saphier is a US journalist who shares news about current affairs. She recently posted:

– “This seems a little late.

Both Pfizer and Moderna are launching clinical trials to track health problems following a diagnosis of vaccine-associated heart problems in adolescents and young adults.”

Incredibly little is being said about the high costs paid to obtain thousands of Pfizer vaccines in each country, especially what the European Union paid to obtain millions of vaccines for all its inhabitants. A few weeks ago, an investigation would have been opened due to expert comments on the secondary effects of the vaccine, but the strange thing here is that the press does not talk much about it. What’s going on?

Pfizer and Moderna could rack up thousands of fraud complaints

Carmen is a reporter who shares information on very controversial topics, she recently said:

– “Look how cool! Now, Pfizer and Moderna are beginning clinical trials and monitoring for myocarditis and other potential heart problems in adolescents and young adults after vaccination.”

That’s right and although it seems funny it’s not. The companies Pfizer and Moderna would have offered their vaccines with 90% protection against the Covid 19 virus. This news would have been denied after two long years and now there is no turning back, since there are billions of people vaccinated with these supposed “protections”. What will happen if they are found to cause cardiac effects over the years? Businesses are at risk of fraud and scam claims.

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