The least toxic FIFA in history: Ibai vs. Auronplay

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People take things too seriously. This phrase, despite being a cliché, does not lose an iota of truthfulness, and if we talk about social networks, its value is magnified. Whether it’s the console war, the GOTY, your soccer team or your favorite streamer, many don’t understand that it’s all entertainment. And in the case of streamers, the show factor is added: a quibble here, an angry tone there, a temporary block on Twitter… All pure show. And with this we begin the daily summary.


Although he has already made his position clear regarding the ESLAND emphatically, Auronplay He is a person with a lot of street and does not give things more importance than they have. And therefore, to put an end to the supposed “beef” that he had thrown at Ibai, decided to play a few FIFA games against the Basque streamer. But watch out! Not because it is a pachanga does it take it less seriously. Therefore, to warm up his fingers, he first played a few games against 8cho.


The other part of this “conflict” had already given Your opinion on the subject, but Ibai He is another who has a lot of experience in this world behind him and has been quick to turn the page. A few games of FIFA against Auron (and some with him as a teammate) and think about his next macro event.


One who had not yet returned from beyond the seas was illojuan (and the average Fuengirola who accompanied him), so you can already guess what he played when he opened live yesterday: a Just Chatting With masi commenting on your experience. And if already in a day of Gaming he spends 3 hours talking to his chat before starting a game from 1986, you can imagine that we don’t have enough servers to host even a summary of everything he told. However, we can leave you here an anecdote that could break up a couple.

Video game

Entering the oldest category from Twitch we were able to find things as varied as xokas trying to survive against other players in Escape from Tarkov, to Knecro trying to survive waves of zombies in They Are Billions or alexelcapo trying to survive adolescence in Persona 4 Golden.


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