“The law is not threatened, it is fulfilled; here there is no revenge or blackmail”

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After the magazine Process revealed the audios of a meeting they held Ana Guevarahead of the National Sports Commission (Conade), and the former president of the Mexican Swimming Federation, Kirill Todorovwith aquatic sports athletes, who were informed that the support they receive will be withdrawn, the official justified its action in this regard.

The ex-runner argued that the call Stabilization Committeea body created at the time by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) to regulate water sports in Mexico, after ignore Todorov for different irregularitiesincurs “interventionism” And it is “illegal”, for this reason conditioned to athletes to advocate by the former official before the Mexican Olympic Committee (COM) and World Aquaticsotherwise they will lose their scholarships, coaches’ salaries and other support they receive from Conade.

“The law is not threatened, it is fulfilled. Here there is no revenge or blackmail to the athletes. The possibility that (the athletes) continue training was handled, but During the entire meeting I did not hear anyone say ‘I play it with and without (support)‘Everyone’s concern was the scholarship, it was never the sports part,” said Guevara after an event held at the National Center for the Development of Sports Talents and High Performance (CNAR).

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In the meeting of the past January 18Guevara warned water sports athletes that as long as they do not exert pressure so that the Stabilization Committee disappears and Todorov is recognized again, “everything is canceled”, that is, they will stop receiving the support of the Conade, with which they will not be able to compete and therefore the path to the Central American, Pan American and Olympic Games will be slowed down.

Guevara described as “unfortunate and desolate” the outlook for the athletes, while assuring that he sought a meeting with Maria Jose Alcala, president of the COM, to try to find a solution to this problem; Nevertheless, received no response.

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Ana Guevara ratified her support for Kiril Todorov, unknown by the International Swimming Federation (FINA) for mismanagement, Y linked to process in September 2021 for his possible responsibility in the crime of embezzlementas reported by the Attorney General’s Office at the time.

Kiril has not been tried, he is undergoing proceedings for crimes that have nothing to do with sport. They try to put pressure on us and we are not defending Kiril, but I don’t have the power to remove it. Your requirements are in order and everything is up to date. For us he is still president because before us he has not breached… I don’t understand why FINA is unaware of it,” said the official.

Finally, Guevara reiterated that aquatic sports athletes who decide to participate in the selective or competitions organized by the Stabilization Committeethese will not be valid for the Conade and they will not recover their support until the aforementioned organization disappears.

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