the iPhone is no longer Apple’s priority, and there are reasons to justify it

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It is not being a very good start to the year in terms of hype towards Apple refers. Yes, we are going to see news (and it seems that soon), but broadly there are signs that Apple’s main devices will not innovate too much.

What signs are those? well a iOS 17 with few improvementsthe continuous delays with the next Macs that in theory we should have seen last fall, the apparent end of a big iPad and some rumors of iPhone 15 which do not contain any great surprises either. But everything has a reason for being.

Apple Journey Changes

The drought of novelties is being noticed. Rumors claimed that we were going to have an event in October and another in November, and in the end what we had is a simple launch without an event of some novelties such as the AirPods Pro 2. And for the first time in the entire history of Apple, we have had a second half of the year without news in the Mac range.

It’s not all bad news. The global PC industry has collapsed due to the global economic situation with companies like HP, Lenovo or Asus decreasing between 28% and 31%, while Apple has decreased only 2.1% according to IDC estimates. It is negative, yes, but it is much less than his rivals. He denotes a certain health.

But at the center of the hurricane is the iPhone, which will also have suffered a drop in sales due to the problems with china in addition to inflation. He is still the mainstay of Apple and responsible for half of its revenue, but it seems that ceases to be the main focus of the company.

The rumors indicate more “humility” in the next news for the iPhone, but that does not make it irrelevant

It can be seen that the improvements expected from the iPhone 15 are going to be rather linear, with an iOS 17 that is not going to have many surprises and a chip that will be used to seek more efficiency instead of more power. And around all this we started talking about Touchscreen Macs, mixed reality viewers or even cars (which also ends up being delayed).

The next big innovation will be on xrOS, not on iOS. In the same way that macOS suffered delays when Apple began working on the first versions of iOS, now it will be iOS that will have to re-prioritize some of its new features, leaving developers more time for this mixed reality operating system that should surprise us all

Does this mean that we should talk about the beginning of a stage of irrelevance for the iPhone? Not in any way. No Apple product is irrelevant. Macs, iPads, accessories like the HomePod mini… they may have had times of some forgetfulness from the company but they still make a lot of sense. And if the iPhone continues to be the product that generates almost more revenue than all other products combined, the phone will continue to enjoy a rigorously annual update schedule that other products would like to have. TRUE, Mac Pro?

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