The iPhone 14 leave out the small model after two years of low sales

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The rumor mill around the low sales of the iPhone 12mini, the first model that released this format, they started shortly after its presentation, and already then it was speculated that Apple made the decision to remove it from the portfolio of the following generations.

With the 13 min already designed and ripped by then, this successor also hit the shops, but by then it seemed clear that there would not be a third version, since this achieved even lower sales than its predecessor.

Shortly after those first rumors about its discontinuation came those of a pendulum movement by Apple: stop offering the “mini” version of the basic model to start offering a “Plus” version, as in the past, without the last name Pro. The same as the base, but bigger. And the day has come. With the iPhone 14 and 14 Plus already presented… there is no more mini.

An insufficient 5%

If the first sales of the 12 mini already left him a significantly low market sharethose of the 13 mini did not improve: Canalys estimates that only one in twenty iPhones sold during the first half of 2022 were this small version:

  • iPhone 13 mini: 5%
  • iPhone 13: 42%
  • iPhone 13 Pro: 15%
  • iPhone 13 Pro Max: 15%
  • iPhone SE (3rd generation): 12%
  • Others: 11%

This figure left it in a rather weak position, with less than half of the sales of both the cheapest model (the latest SE) and the most expensive (13 ProMax) and one-eighth of the most popular model and the one that follows in price, the 13.

Maybe we like small phones, but not small screens or batteries that fit in their chassis

If we can get anything clear from this miniexperiment 24 months is that the nostalgic voices that demanded a compact size iPhone without compromises compared to the rest of the catalog (camera, screen and processor at the same level) have not been enough for Apple to consider keeping the product.

There is also the fact that Although we may not love big phones, we do love big screens.and we are willing to assume the sacrifice of manageability that this entails in exchange for the most obvious advantages: a better multimedia experience and a much greater autonomy.

Even the 13 mini’s improved range over the 12 mini couldn’t fix a negative trend from the start. We will miss you, baby. Long live the Plus.