The “Infonavit” that is in the middle of the Qatar desert

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With prices that oscillate between 80 and 160 dollars, Mexican fans narrate what the rooms they rented for the World Cup are like

AL WAKRAH — In the distance you can see the refineries and, beyond, you can see some white buildings with bright blues. Is he Infonavit of Qatarnicknamed for the hundreds of Mexicans who rented them as rooms for the World Cup, some with metal-based beds, all with a shared kitchen, “like low-income houses, but enough to experience the World Cup adventure,” he says. one of the fans of the Aztec country who is staying there.

“The truth is, you had other expectations, I thought it was uglier, but if you think it’s just for sleeping, the cost-benefit is perfect,” said Johnny, from Morelia, Michoacán, one of the current residents of the Infonavit of Qatar.

“It’s like going through the desert,” says another of the residents of the Barwa Barath Al Janoub Cluster, on the outskirts of Qatar, the official name of the place. The desert thing is because to get there you have to take the subway and then a bus, free during the World Cup, go through a kind of highway, in some parts with refineries and sand as the only view.

“They brought me by force, my brother-in-law brought me. They are comfortable for what we come from, we wanted to enjoy the World Cup, they are for sleeping and they are useful for what we want”, said Ángel Martínez.

The Clusters sold out immediately. The prices of the apartments in the Infonavit the desert ranged from 80 to 160 dollars, it depended on the amenities you wanted, like having a TV or a bed with a mattress as “thin as if it were a tortilla,” says another of those who stayed there.

“My room is a two-by-two room, the beds are made of iron and it kind of thunders at night, we have hot water, with that we put it together to bathe,” Johnny described.

There, a large part of the Mexicans who are coming to the World Cup are concentrated, some say that there are “even mice or animals out there”, but others assure that “those are myths, it is full of traps to avoid these types of animals.”

They were built in the last four years, especially for the worldbut some were left unfinished and offered a better location to those who had rented those rooms.

The Infonavit del Desierto has become a branch of Mexico, despite the fact that there are also Argentines, Ecuadorians and fans from other parts of the planet, but “you see it, you see it, Mexico is local again.”

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