The incredible transformation of Christina Ricci after leaving behind her role in Merlina

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Christina Ricci, who played the evil Marilyn Thornhill in Merlina, radically changed her image for the second season of the series she stars in for Showtime, Yellowjackets, establishing herself as the master of disguise in Hollywood.

merlin It is the new series of the platform Netflix who came to revive the history of The addams family. The program, which premiered in November 2022, shows what Merlina’s life was like upon arrival at Nevermore Academy, in which she discovered people similar to her and other interests different from those she enjoyed when she was studying in regular institutes with common people.

In this version of Merlina we met Professor Marilyn Thornhill, played by the famous actress christina ricci, who was one of the first to embody the particular and dark young woman. With a sweet and sincere appearance, this character surprised fans with the finale of the first season of the youth series, reminding everyone that sometimes nothing is what it seems.

Marilyn Thornhill, Christina Ricci’s character, is the seemingly harmless caretaker of the Nevermore Academy residence. However, at the end of the first season, it is revealed that Miss Thornill is actually Laurel Gates, a direct descendant of Joseph Crackstone, founder of Jericho who dedicated himself to exterminating the excluded like Merlina..

For Christina Ricci, returning to one of the most famous productions in her career was touching. And although Jenna Ortega did not consult the actress about the merlin characternor asked him for advice to improve his interpretation, surely he took part of the existing material on Ricci’s performance to improve his characterization, one that has earned him nominations in different awards.

Christina Ricci unrecognizable for her role in Yellowjackets away from Merlina

Away from Merlina, Christina Ricci plays Misty Quigley in the series showtime which is also broadcast on Paramount+, yellowjackets. For this role, the renowned actress chose a totally different look from what she usually wears for her personal life. who is always more stylish and understated thanks to the advice of her husband, Mark Hampton.

In an image posted on her account on the Instagram social network, Christina Ricci showed herself with short, wavy blonde hair, dressed in a lilac and white checkered coat, while holding a small goat in her hands and smiling at the camera. The image shocked fans who celebrated the actress’s ability to change her image with each new project. She just like she did for merlinseries in which he appears with red hair.


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