The incredible physical change of Mary Mouser before the new season of Cobra Kai

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Mary Mouyser has just surprised her fans by wearing a completely different image than the one she shows in Cobra Kai, the series she currently stars for the streaming platform Netflix.

Cobra Kai It is a platform series Netflix created to show what happened to the lives of the characters in the famous saga of films from the 80s and 90s, karate Kid, after each one will take their own path and make a life. The program, created by jon hurwitz, hayden Schlossberg Y josh healdhas as protagonists Ralph Macchio Y william zabkawho reprise their roles as Daniel LaRusso and Johnny Lawrence almost 30 years later.

In Cobra Kai, fans met the character of Samantha LaRusso, played by the star Mary Mouser, better known as Sam, who as fans already know is the teenage daughter of Daniel LaRusso who inherited her father’s aptitude for Karate. Samantha is a sweet and disciplined girl who becomes the second student of the newly reopened Miyagi-Do Karate after her father and manages to be one of the best students.

But the character of Mary Mouser in Cobra Kai also suffers from a terrible problem. After the West Valley High School karate fight and his fight with Tory Nichols (Peyton List), Samantha is left battling post-traumatic stress disorder, which momentarily takes her away from martial arts. Fortunately, she manages to regain her self-confidence and returns to competitions with much more impetus.

Along the way, Mary Mouser’s character discovers the school of her father’s main rival, Johnny Lawrence, who helps her gain experience in the Eagle Fang Karate style. After much practice, Samantha LaRusso manages to balance the two styles, becoming one of the most competent karate fighters in Cobra Kai. Her skills and her ties to Daniel and her Miyagi-Do earn her the alias Bonsai Badass in Karate.

Mary Mouser showed her radical change on Instagram away from Cobra Kai

Recently, Mary Mouser was shown on social networks with a radical change of image, which completely distanced her from her image of a good girl from Cobra Kai. The actress has been traveling with her friend and co-star in the series, Tanner Buchanan, who is his first love interest in the drama. With him she has been photographed at Disney enjoying the well-known attractions of the park.

But several images before, in his instagram account, Mary Mouser appears disguised as Merlina Addams and wearing a completely new hair color and much darker than the one she uses to play Samantha LaRusso in Cobra Kai. The actress looks so different that many fans began to ask her through Instagram comments if it was really her.


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