The incredible physical change of Eddie Cibrian after leaving the CSI Miami series

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Eddie Cibrian’s participation in the CSI Miami series was one of the most important, after entering the most unstable point of the program. However, his time was not as long as many expected and now after twelve years since he left the star, he has had an incredible physical change that has surprised all fans.

CSI MiamiA sunnier, beachier version of CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, , was a hugely popular crime series that ran for a respectable ten seasons. The show focuses on the science of crime labs and the personal lives of the men and women who try to bring criminals to justice every day, but this spin-off was more focused on the city of the same name Miami. , managing to have an incredible cast in each of his seasons as the actor Eddie Cibrian.

Eddie Cibrian he joined to CSI Miami in season eight as Jesse Cardoza, a second-tier crime scene investigator. His character was well liked by the other characters because of his kind and calm character, but when he had to do the dirty work of catching a criminal, he did it.

As we know in the series, Horatio Caine (david caruso) knew Jesse Cardozo in the past, having helped him solve a case in Los Angeles in the past, which case helped Caine become the lead investigator for Corruption in Miami. In fact, Cardoza turns out to be the man who recommended Tim Speedle (Rory Cochrane) to the team. But it wasn’t until the last few seasons when Cardoza joined the group and part of his past and the things he had done helping Caine were revealed.

Unfortunately, Eddie Cibrian He last appeared as Jesse Cardoza in CSI Miami in the first episode of the ninth season. When a serial killer ordered poison gas to be spread throughout the laboratory in revenge against Horatio’s team. Jesse was the only casualty because he was in the lab investigating the case, but instead of dying from the gas, he died after his head hit shards of glass from a camera lens on the ground, one of which became lodged. into his brain and made him bleed. Twelve years have passed since his last appearance and it seems that they have been affecting him a lot after posting a photo with his wife.

Eddie Cibrian Has Been Going Gray Since Leaving CSI Miami

Eddie Cibrian 49 years old, he has been changing his physique a lot, especially that he has been getting gray hair at his young age, making him look a little older, but charming at the same time. Remember that after leaving CSI Miami, went on to play other popular roles including the crime drama The Playboy Club, Better or Worse, Rosewood, and Take Two. Her last television appearance of hers was in 2021, when she starred in the Netflix comedy series Country Comfort as Beau.

Unfortunately, Eddie Cibrian couldn’t be in the series finale CSI Miamithe same actor revealed in an interview that it was the producers’ idea to give his character an outlet, with the intention of focusing on the main leads given the low audience the show was receiving.


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