The incredible physical change of Courteney Cox almost 20 years after her farewell to Friends

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Courteney Cox rose to fame playing Monica Geller on Friends. Almost 20 years after saying goodbye to the program, the actress has been shown on social networks wearing a facial transformation that has impressed all fans.

Courtney Cox was one of the six protagonists of the famous series of the NBC Friends. With her touch of madness for cleanliness, her mania related to order and the clumsiness that she showed when she decided to live as a couple, her character Monica Geller quickly became one of the most acclaimed on the iconic show.

Monica Geller was the twin sister of Ross Geller, the anthropologist played by david schwimmer that he was in love with Rachel Greene (Jennifer Aniston) practically since he met her. She was also the wife of Chandler Bing (Matthew Perry) Ross’s naive friend who made fun of her during a Thanksgiving celebration, which changed both of their lives forever.

Courteney Cox’s Monica Geller has an interesting development in friends because she goes from being a somewhat selfish woman to understanding how her actions affect those around her, which allows her to advance to a stage in which she manages to put the needs of others above her own just because she loves them.

During her portrayal of Monica Geller, Courteney Cox made a brief film break in a trilogy of teen horror films in which she played a reporter who worked tirelessly to find out who was responsible for the murders taking place in her town. . During her starring role in this film, the actress met whoever was her husband, david arquette.

Courteney Cox is the Friends star who has changed her appearance the most

after almost two decades after saying goodbye to FriendsCourteney Cox is dedicated to a fifth film in the saga scream, for which she will return looking particularly changed. And it is that the actress succumbed to the scalpel and botox to stop the passage of time and she has been seen on social networks with her new appearance.

In pictures posted to her Instagram, fans can see Courteney Cox sporting her hair as long as ever, but with excessively high cheekbones that make her eyes look particularly sunken.. In March of this year, the actress admitted that she had abused facial fillers and injections and explained that she was purifying her body of everything artificial, so it is not surprising that her aging looks more exaggerated, one more consequence of all the cosmetic procedures he underwent in his youth.


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