The incredible physical change of Catherine Zeta-Jones before season 2 of Merlina

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Although Catherine Zeta-Jones had brief appearances in the new Netflix hit Merlina, fans were not only surprised by the look she adopted for her role as Morticia, but now her new project has been revealed with another big change.

series of Netflixmerlin(wednesday) is full of mystery, twists and dark secrets. When Merlina Addams (played by Jenna Ortega) attends Nevermore School and becomes involved in a murder mystery, she soon discovers that her parents have been keeping a secret from her. Gomez (Luis Guzman) and Morticia Addams (Catherine Zeta-Jones) may be ghoulish guys, but their Nevermore past has a criminal past and fans have been surprised by their performance, especially Zeta-Jone, who adopted a ghoulish look for his role and traded it for another project.

According to series co-creator Al Gough, the second season of merlin will focus on the development of the relationship between Morticia and Merlina, suggesting that Catherine Zeta-Jones could have a bigger role in the next installment. When Morticia sends her daughter back to her alma mater for another semester, the mother-daughter duo is expected to experience many more surprises that could bring them even closer together. than they did in the first part.

The fact that Merlina and Morticia’s relationship is in the spotlight in season two suggests that we’ll be seeing them a lot more together, which makes sense if Morticia is going to be making more frequent appearances at Nevermore Academy. Interestingly, some fans are suggesting that Morticia Addams will become the new director of Nevermore, further delving into Morticia and Merlina’s problems as they find themselves so close again.

Although everyone expects to see Catherine Zeta-Jones with a greater role in the second season of merlin, the star seems to be focused on other projects while waiting for the filming. In fact, to the point that she has had an incredible physical change in her new series that will be broadcast on Disney+ on January 25. Zeta-Jones will be in National Treasure: The Edge of History and to celebrate his new project, he shared a photo of her with his new appearance for himself on his social networks.

Catherine Zeta-Jones leaves Merlina’s Morticia behind for a new project at Disney+

For this new project Catherine Zeta-Jones in National Treasure: The Edge of Historywill play Billie, who arrives at a prison where Jessa’s father, Rafael (jacob vargas), which was revealed in the last episode. Although Billie acts primarily in her own interest, she also has a deep personal connection to the treasure: her search for it in previous years ended up leading to the death of her brother.

Disney’s newest treasure-hunting adventure, National Treasure: The Edge of History, comes to an end with just three episodes of its first season remaining. The National Treasure expansion featured a young team of treasure hunters led by Jess Valenzuela (Lisette Olivera), a 20-year-old girl who sets out to find a lost Pan-American treasure after learning that her father is related to him.


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