The images that prove the mockery of Argentina in the victory over the Netherlands

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Argentina beat the Netherlands in the quarterfinals of Qatar 2022 (Photo: KIRILL KUDRYAVTSEV/AFP via Getty Images)

The match between Argentina Y Netherlands, in the quarter finals of Qatar 2022he left a endless anecdotes and soccer issues. The Albiceleste beat the Dutch squad to through the penaltiesscenario that had outbursts of anger between the players of both teams. As if that were not enough, at the end of the game, Lionel Messi rebuked the coach of the European team. The controversies did not stop there, as both Leo What Emiliano Martinez complained about the performance of Mateu Lahozcenter referee.

In social networks, images appeared where it was observed how the soccer players of the light blue and white I know taunted players of Netherlands when the penalty shootout ended. journalists, analysts and fans gave their point of view. For some, the taunts were unnecessary and absurd, since there was no need to do so. On another side, those who said they were sports stuff and of the fever that lives on the pitch.

In this sense, the comparison culminated with the high nerves and emotions by the characters who were in the play. But until now it was that a video count that were not seen in the official transmission of Argentina vs. the Netherlands can give the reason or at least justify the behavior of the football players Argentines and his joking after the victory.

In the recordings made by the cameras of the TCySports chain, you can see how the Netherlands players they try to provoke to the south americans in each prison what they did The most insistent wase Denzel Dumfries and Wout Weghorst, the latter was the author of the two goals that gave the tie. In the end, when Lautaro Martinez would throw the fifth of the batch, the Europeans harassed the striker. The coin turned over after seeing the ball at the bottom of the net and Argentina went to the semi.

Not only that, louis van gaal, DT of the Clockwork Orange heated up the duel. During the previous week, the helmsman assured that Messi stopped participating in the game and it disappeared, so that was an opportunity for those directed. In addition, the goalkeeper of the oranjes, He asserted that he could save Messi a penalty; he failed to do it on two occasions. “He is good, but he can also fail. I’m always ready for that. I’m sure I can save him a penalty”said Andries Noppert.

Before the hymns of the meeting were sung, the I drew Martinez gave a harangue to his companions. “We always talk on the pitchnever outside ”, commented the goalkeeper in the changing room tunnel.

Now Argentina will be measured before Croatia in the semifinal. In the other key Morocco Y France they will do their own


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