The ideal movie on Netflix to fill with adrenaline this Sunday, stars Keanu Reeves

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Within the acting profession, one of the most beloved men in Hollywood is undoubtedly Keanu Reeves, who transcended on the big screen globally thanks to his participation in the saga matrixHowever, it is not the only thing in his long journey through films, since the Beirut-born interpreter began his career in the 1980s.

His first important role was in 1986 in the film “River’s Edge”, since before this moment he was dedicated to being an actor in commercials for television, however, it was until 1999 with the almost entry of the new millennium that he was given the opportunity to appear in “The Matrix”a production that marked a before and after in the film industry, since it took him to the top of the sphere and opened the paths of the “cream and cream” of the industry in the United States.

What is “47 ronin” about?

From that moment on in his career, he has had hits such as “Constantine” (2005), “John Wick” (2014, 2017 and 2019), among others. So if what you want is to celebrate this essential stage artist, all you have to do is take the audiovisual player that you like best and start your listening session. Netflixbecause the platform of the red “N” has a tape that will blow your mind and will make you live strong emotions this Sunday.

It is a feature film titled “47 Ronin: The Legend of the Samurai” The same one that came out in 2013, in which the famous plays Kai, a half-Japanese and half-English outcast with a heart full of intensity. The highlight of the film was seeing Keanu brandishing a saber and in a combat position, while he was in combat and faced mythological monsters.

The tape is based on the Japanese legend the loyal 47ronin, in which the story of 47 samurai warriors is told, who decide to avenge the death of their master, which leads them to assassinate a lord of the time and offer his death to his master, once the act has been committed, they surrender to the authorities who sentence them to death, one of these brave men is the character played by Keanu.



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