The “Hachiko” from Peru; puppy waits for his owner on the beach- Uno TV

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A puppy waits for its owner on a beach in Peru. Photo: Getty Images / Illustrative

Faithful to death! Via social networksa family reported that while walking on the beachwitnessed the moment when came a dog on a rocky shoreline overlooking the seathis in a district of the province of Lima, Peru.

People saw that the puppy I was alone, more It did not show signs of being an abandoned puppywell wore with him a necklace, it was clean already naked eye there were no bumps or scratchesas well as no signs of malnutrition.

History of the “Hachiko” of Peru

The family approached the loin to caress itand to their astonishment, seemed to reciprocate in a friendly waybut something that caught my attention was that the canine’s gaze was fixed towards the seaas well as not seeing that no person owned it.

However, minutes later, the family discovered the reason for which, the puppy stared and did not abandon the place.

A local passing by the beachexplained to the family that practically everyone in the area knows the little dog and they are very fond of him.

“The animal lived with a fisherman who passed away a long time ago. Since then, the dog has come here every day and looks at the sea, apparently waiting for the return of its owner,” said a family member.

“vaguito”as the canine was named, he is not aloneSo they explained that among all the fishermen in the area they take care of itlike a woman who welcomed him and gave him shelter.

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