The Groups That Will Soon Overtake BLACKPINK And BTS In Popularity

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bts Y BLACKPINK they risk being overtaken in popularity, as other stars come close to their ratings. Will they be overtaken in the next ranking?

They reveal this month’s brand reputation ranking for all stars.

The brand reputation ranking refers to the perception that consumers (people) have, whether good or bad, about a product, service, corporate brand, artist, etc.

The Korean Business Research Institute revealed the reputation ranking of the stars, such ranking was determined through an analysis of the media coverage of some stars, along with interaction, consumer participation and community awareness indexes. , using data they collect from September 30 to October 30.

In the first place we have BTS, the musical group made up of 7 members, who lead the list for the 53rd consecutive month, with their brand reputation index of 9,921,620. Leaving as a result an evident increase of 24.15% in its reputation since September. This increase may be due to the news that the members of the famous group will have to do military service.

Secondly, BLACKPINK the 4-member girl group ranked second with a brand reputation index of 6,565,540.

And in third place, instead of some K-Pop group, we have the footballer Son Heung-minwith a reputation index of 6,434,523.

Here the Top 10:

  1. bts
  3. Son Heung-min
  4. UI
  5. Lim Young Woong
  6. Kim Min Jae
  7. Girls’ Generation
  8. kim yuna
  9. newjeans
  10. Yoo Jae Suk

The group in 9th place is none other than the new debut group in K-Pop, newjeanswhich has had such a huge impact on the market that it threatens to take away to BLACKPINK their rank as the #1 K-Pop girl group within a while. stray kids is the boy group with the best reputation after BLACKPINK, who will most certainly dethrone bts as long as they are in their mandatory military service.

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