The Government distributes 40 million to communities for precision medicine

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  • The transfer will be used to purchase equipment, invest in data analytics and training of health professionals

The Council of Ministers approved this Tuesday the distribution of €40 million to the autonomous communities within the Plan 5P, the strategy aimed at updating and expanding personalized precision medicine. A plan that promotes “personalized, predictive, preventive, participatory and population-based” assistance, as explained by the Minister of Health, Carolina Darias.

In the press conference after the Council, he reported that the plan will allow the communities to acquire the technology and the equipment necessary for the area of ​​genetically based diseases, including genomic determinations complex and the determination of diagnostic, prognostic or predictive biomarkers of response to treatment in various pathologies.

Likewise, the funds will be invested to improve the information that allow optimization of data analytics or in the training health professionals, since until now many of the precision medicine techniques “are in the hands of certain hospitals”. “We want to extend it throughout the country,” Darias assured.


Darias has argued that genetic tests “are a tool of great value for the diagnosis and prognosis of diseases with a high health impact and great social impact, such as rare diseases, oncology and undiagnosed diseases, and are also key to the selection and monitoring of optimal pharmacological treatments, which results in greater safety and efficiency when using targeted therapies.”

“The goal is that all patients, regardless of where they live or go to the hospital they go to, receive the same attention and have access to genetic determinations that are necessary for the best diagnosis and treatment of your disease. We are talking about testing screening at any age, diagnostic tests once there are symptoms, or tests to see which subtype of tumor to guide specific treatment,” he indicated.

Purchase of the Hipra vaccine

On the other hand, the minister has announced that Spain has joined the european centralized purchasing contract 250 million doses of the Catalan company’s covid vaccine HIPRA.

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Despite the fact that the pandemic “has entered a new phase due to the very high vaccination coverage”, Darias has highlighted several aspects that justify the “interest” in acquiring the HIPRA vaccine.

“It is not only because of its very high degrees of safety and immunogenicity, but because it has a platform that is different from other vaccines and with a very high efficacy against variantseven ómicron, and, above all, greater versatility than the other vaccines because it can be kept between 2 and 8 degrees”, he maintained.


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