The Government allocates 35 million for rational use of drugs

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The Minister council has approved this Tuesday the proposal for the territorial distribution of almost €38 million for the health cohesion policy development program for training physicians in Medicine, Dentistry, Pharmacy, Nursing and Health Education of the population for promote the rational use of medicines and the National Bone Marrow Plan.

The Program for the Improvement of the Rational Use of Medications will be allocated more than 35.9 million euroswhile, at National Bone Marrow Planthey will dedicate more than Two millions of euros that can be used for both staff expense like investments.

The Government of Spain thus increased by 34 percent the investment allocated to the program to promote the rational use of medicines compared to last year, when they were distributed a little more than €26.9 million between autonomous communities and cities.

Also, the endowment of Bone Marrow Plan is increased by 2022 more than 60 percent compared to the previous year, when close to €1.3 million for the territorial development of the program.

Program for the Improvement of the Rational Use of Medicines

With the funds that will be distributed for the Program for the Improvement of the Rational Use of Medicines, the autonomous communities and cities will develop actions such as, for example, pharmacotherapeutic interventions to improve the quality of care for patients with frailty, comorbidity, chronic diseases, complex care needs, or polymedicated patientsactions aimed at deprescribing unnecessary drugs, or the development of actions of Health promotion and disease prevention and optimization in the use of medicines.

Also included are actions on information systems (such as the development of the electronic prescription processsupport systems for the prescription and integration of the Master Gazetteer) or other programs to ensure the NHS sustainability, improve the quality and safety of its services, or the consolidation of therapeutic positioning reports; among other measures framed in the different plans and strategies that are agreed within the Permanent Commission of Pharmacy.

Following the distribution criteria approved on June 15, 2022 in the plenary session of the SNS Interterritorial Councilthe distribution between the 17 autonomous communities and the cities of Ceuta and Melilla (through the National Institute of Health Management, Ingesa), is as follows:

  • ANDALUSIA. 6,347,098.46 euros.

  • ARAGON. 1,023,088.75 euros.


  • BALEARICS. 908,912.46

  • CANARY ISLANDS. 1,653,883.10

  • CANTABRIA. 470,468.43

  • CASTILLA LA MANCHA. 1,561,961.25

  • CASTILE AND LEON.1,810,482.23

  • CATALONIA. 5,818,846.95

  • CEUTA (INGESA). 97,221.70

  • VALENCIAN COMMUNITY. 3,803,405.50

  • ESTREMADURA. 824,347.66

  • GALICIA. 2,043,304.92

  • MADRID’S COMMUNITY. 5,064,805.70

  • MELILLA (ENGLISH). 99,266.03

  • REGION OF MURCIA. 1,166,299.90


  • BASQUE COUNTRY.1,684,465.36

  • THE RIOJA. 273,253.88

National Bone Marrow Donation Plan

On the other hand, regarding the National Bone Marrow Donation Plan, which will have a total of 2,041,430 million euros, 1,178,780 will be allocated for promotion, information and HLA typing of donors registered in the Bone Marrow Donor Registry (REDMO). To these amounts, a total of 862,650 euros must be added for the typing of 50 percent of the units of Umbilical Cord Blood (UCB) of high quality stored in public banks.

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