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photos of animals
They are the funniest animals of 2022. | Photo: Comedy Pet Photo Awards.

The winners the Comedy Pet Photo Awards 2022the funniest pet photo contest, were released this Thursday in London. Dogs, cats, alpacas, geese and even horses were the protagonists of the most incredible images. Meet the winners.

The funniest pets and winners of the

2022 Comedy Pet Photo Awards Overall Winner

© Kenichi Morinaga / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

The photo titled “boom boom” by Kenichi Morinaga that shows two cats facing each other on a wooden fence that seem to have hidden their heads by merging with each other, was the winning photograph of the Comedy Pet Photography Awards 2022.

dog category

© Jose Bayon / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

José Bayón and his photography “Nile’s love for water” was the dog category winner, it shows the funny “Nilo” an adopted puppy of about 10 months who was hit by a car and was barely saved. But after recovering he discovered that water is his passion, and this photo proves it.

powerful horse category

© Radim Filipek / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

The Photo “Happy Horses” by Radim Filipek was the best rated by the judges. It shows a mother horse next to her little calf, both smiling at the camera.

Category all other creatures

© Stefan Brusius / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

Stefan Brusio and his photo “Alpaca smoking” was the winner of this category, and that is, this curious animal with a wooden wand in its mouth seems to have so much style who at first glance appears to be smoking a cigarette while looking coquettishly at the camera.

youth category

© Freya Sharpe / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

“Jack the Cat Stuck in the Hedge” was the winning image of this category, which, according to its author, Freya Sharpeshows little Jack trapped in the hedge of his house.

Category pets that resemble their owner

Dave and Dudley was the photo contest winner in this category, it was taken by Judy Nussenblatt and shows a dog and its owner, who seem to share more than friendship, since the resemblance between the two is great.

People’s Choice Award

© Judy Nussenblatt / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

Marko Jovanovic and his photography “Running through the snow” that shows the beautiful Carter, a Siberian husky, as he enjoys the snow for the first time in his life, after being rescued by his owners, who traveled from Chicago to Cali to meet him.

Comedy Pet Team Favorite Award

© Marko Jovanovic / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

Comedy Pet Team Favorite Award

© Mehmet Aslan / Animal Friends Comedy Pets

The photo of a dog driving?, was the winner of the prize chosen by the organizers of this pet photography contest, its author is Mehmet Aslan and the photo is titled “Dog driver”.

Other winning funny pets

Between the “highly recommended” winners” are cats making funny faces, dogs and humans, more dogs and more cats. They are.