The fitness trends for 2023 with which you will make CUER-PA-ZO

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Looking for a healthier lifestyle? we have the fitness trends for 2023 plus googled! And they couldn’t come at a better time, since, as you know, we are in the season of evaluating our goals for the year that is ending and rethinking the health objectives that we have for the coming year.

So, to boost you in your fitness resolutions, right now we are going to reveal what PureGym, the expert gym in the UK to live a healthier life, found in an analysis on the exercise routines that have been most searched for by users on the internet between July-September 2021 and July-September 2022. Take note because they will be trend in 2023!

cross fit

Start the month of January with a crossfit routine! This type of training works the 10 fundamental physical qualities: cardiovascular/respiratory resistance, strength, power, flexibility, speed, agility, coordination, precision and balance. It is ideal for working practically all parts of the body.

There are different types of crossfit exercisesbut you can start with a simple routine:

Exercise 1: from 5 to 20 pull-ups. Tip: if you can’t get on the bar, have someone grab your ankles so you can bend your knees.

Exercise 2: from 10 to 30 push-ups. Tip: Put your hands at shoulder height.

Exercise 3: from 15 to 40 sit-ups. Important: raise only the head and shoulders.

Exercise 4: from 20 to 50 squats. Remember: do not descend below the knees.

Crossfit is a system of high-intensity, short-duration exercises.

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twerking class

Surely you have already heard or practiced the famous dance twerk that celebrities like Miley Cyrus and Anitta dominate perfectly. According to information from PureGymWe will continue to see this dance trend succeed during 2023, positioning itself as one of the best exercise routines.


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