the final goodbye for shared accounts in Mexico

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Netflix goes seriously against shared accounts. Little did we know of his methods of checking which devices should stay within an account and which ones should remain so that users can leave the house and even go on a trip and use their account. Netflix no problem.

Now we know: Netflix will start blocking devices that don’t connect at least once every 31 days to the W-Fi network associated with the main account. The information comes directly from the help center of Netflix where the account sharing policy has been updated. There, to the question “who can use a netflix account“, it is answered that it can be shared with anyone who lives with the account holder and see a title at least once every 31 days.

People outside of your household will need to use their own account to watch Netflix“, also read in the help Center.

Netflix ensures that the only way to avoid a blockage would be for the devices to connect to the WiFi network of the home associated with the account and play a title on them at least every 31 days. The reproduction can be done from a website or from the application.

Netflix recognizes that if you are away from your primary location for an extended period of time, the device you are using may be blocked. The key is that Netflix will also periodically review IP addressesalthough it does not give details on how often it will check.

the platform of streaming said a few days agoin the presentation of last quarter’s results, which aims to put an end to shared passwords for between March and April of this year. As part of its efforts to do so, it has enabled functions such as the transfer of profiles between accounts and the one that the owner users can remove an unrecognized device from your account.

Although the account holder feature has been tested before pay for the service of users with whom you do not live (creating ‘sub-accounts’ of sorts for them in the process), Netflix hasn’t waited for the feature to be complete and devices will now be locked without first being offered the option to pay more to stay on the account they’re on.

The rules have been updated simultaneously in other countries, as reported our mates of Genbeta.

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