The fiber is young! 5 healthy foods that will help slow down your aging

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What if the authentic well of the youth Is it just eating well, or at least better than we already do? We talked about the healthy food provide great advantages in terms of vitamins Y mineralsnot to mention the fiberwhich are essential in the proper development of our body in general, and in our organs in particular.

The cellular aging it is there around the corner of many people, and the truth is that it is presented through signs such as the possible wrinkles, but what should matter most to us are the signs of said aging internally, with possible health problems. So the skin is the mirror of the soul in this sense and we must respond to it with a good diet, always together with a sense of physical exercise and a good break. But do we know how to feed ourselves today as we should, for example, if we have lack of collagenwhich is what causes us the lack of skin elasticity?

5 foods with fiber that should not be missing in our healthy diet

The vitamins and minerals in healthy foods allow us to gain many properties

The absence, at times, of many foods, than their very presence. At least because that’s our style of Healthy lifewhere there are many healthy products that can help us have a balanced diet, and that are also rich in omega 3 fatty acids. Here we leave you 5 foods with fiber that your body cannot miss:

  1. Nuts
  2. Legumes
  3. Fruits
  4. Vegetables
  5. blue and white fish

In the case of fishfor example, like the nutsthere are large rates of Omega 3, a fantastic nutrient for our body. No one ignores the great effects of the blue and white fish, which provide proteins, vitamins and fatty acids of all kinds.

The importance of fruits and vegetables in a healthy diet

Count the vegetables with great contributions of fiber, minerals and vitamins, which can be an extra in terms of food. Vegetables, for example, have very few calories, which makes them one of the great stars of the diet: free of fat and, above all, with great contributions through phytochemical components.

Something like this happens with fruits, which also help prevent different types of diseases. So it is recommended to consume, or at least it is indicated the World Health Organization (WHO), at least 400 grams daily with the aim that its benefits are as healthy as possible. So we must include healthy fruits, and of course, good and fresh vegetables in order to be able to add all these kinds of advantages to our body.