The Faculty of Medicine: trajectory and contributions of its Departments

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Within the framework of the 7th Health Sciences Book Fair 2022, Dr. Martha Eugenia Rodríguez Pérez, Head of the Department of History and Philosophy of Medicine (DHyFM), coordinated the presentation of the book The Faculty of Medicine: trajectory and contributions of its Departmentsand mentioned that the narration “practically starts in 1956, it also tells the story before it, but it is this year in particular when the departmental structure of the Faculty is created, since before they were called class heads, then laboratory heads. and, starting in 1956, department heads, who are the ones who made this book possible”.

Dr. Guillermo Fajardo Ortiz, an academic from the DHyFM, highlighted that “the work is made up of 14 chapters that refer to the 14 departments that make up the UNAM School of Medicine. Here they will discover the origin and evolution of each one, so that this is an institutional history where they talk about their teaching and the research that is always avant-garde, based on written sources from the Historical Archive of the Faculty”.

Dr. Omar F. Carrasco Ortega, Head of the Department of Pharmacology, said that “this book is a window into memories, it is a reminder that all departments are united by something, it is proof of the long academic work of our Faculty and , above all, a recognition of his legacy”.

Finally, Dr. Guadalupe S. García de la Torre, Head of the Department of Public Health, spoke about how it came about, what it had to go through to become what it is today, as well as the bosses it has had.

Vicky Enrimar