The ESLAND Awards will be held in Andorra in 2024

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Perhaps many do not know it, but the name ESLAND comes from the union of three words: Spain, Latin America and Andorra. Bearing this in mind, and that the first two editions have been held in Spain and Mexico, it is not difficult to guess which country will host the third edition of TheGrefg awards.

Still, so far there is nothing confirmed by the Murcian. However, in Movistar eSports We have had the privilege of chatting with Alex BretonGeneral Director of Fan Content, and his statements have made it quite clear to us that Andorra will host the ESLAND 2024.

On the celebration of the ESLAND in our neighboring country, Bretón has commented the following: “Andorra in the end is close to Spain. But it does it is a logistical challengesince it is a small country in terms of extension”.

“Finding a place to hold the event, that has a significant capacity and that meets all the technical requirements is complicated. In Andorra it will be a challenge and, in fact, We do not rule out building something“, revealed Bretón.

Of course, it is clear that after going through the Palace of Music of Barcelona and the National Auditorium of Mexico Citythe third edition of the ESLAND will need an enclosure at the height of its hype.

Over the next few months we will learn more details about what the TheGrefg awards will be like in Andorra. At the moment, yes, the project seems ambitious and exciting in equal measure.


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