The emergency meeting with WWE employees concludes with a message of reassurance

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The return of Vince McMahon to WWE It has become the news of the month, generating in just 24 hours a veritable wave of information, speculation and reactions. His return has not left anyone indifferent, especially within the company itself. Many of his employees hoped they would never see him in the company again.assuring that the environment in it had improved considerably under the new regime.

However, the confirmation of his return has been an emotional blow to WWE employees, which is why This afternoon an urgent meeting was held with all of them. A meeting where the presence of Vince McMahon was not expected, as it finally happened.

The Twitter account of wrestlevotes has confirmed just a few minutes ago that the urgent meeting with WWE employees has ended. The meeting has been chaired by Stephanie McMahon, Nick Khan and Fran Riddickwho is They have downplayed the matter, ensuring that it is only business.

“Sources claim that the meeting of all WWE employees has concluded, nothing of importance. The meeting was led by Stephanie, Nick Khan and Frank Riddick… ‘business as usual’ was the message“.

Additionally, Fighting noted that it was a very short meeting (about 7 or 8 minutes), which did not have the presence of talent and where no questions asked. Besides, it was indicated that the sale of the company could be very positive and that all sales offers will be studied before negotiating the television rights. In addition, it was pointed out that the sale might not happen, but if it did, the company could end up in the private sector, a move aimed at maximizing the potential sale price.

Based on this information, it seems clear that the company’s leadership wants to convey a message of calm to all its employees. The absence of Vince McMahon at the meeting could be seen as an example of the continuity of the current boardat least in terms of creativity and leadership, as WWE sources assured Fightful.

McMahon already assured in one of his letters that he did not intend to cause any type of impact on the functions, duties and responsibilities of the current board, which will have his full support and confidence, ensuring that his return is exclusively due to his intention to be part of of the upcoming negotiations for television rights and/or a possible sale of the company.

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