the director told the secrets before seeing the movie

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Damien Chazelle, director of Babylon, referred to the main difficulties he encountered while filming the film. Also, he talked about the differences he has with La La Land.

Hollywood is a multimillion-dollar industry that places those who participate in it at the center of media attention. Lives of luxury, travel, and apparent success in all spheres surround the stars who enrich such a sphere. However, it was not always like this. Babylonthe new film directed by Damien Chazelletakes a look inside entertainment in the 1920s.

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When movies were transported from the silent to the talking era, everything changed. Hundreds of jobs sprung up for sound editing and more. However, others disappeared because there was no longer live music in the rooms or other alterations. icons like Charles Chaplin, Jack Conrad either Constance Moore marked an entire era in the history of movies.

The production director referred to the moment he is going through in his career. In addition, he commented on some of the difficulties of the tape.

“It depends. I go back and forth. Well, you know what? It’s honestly like making the movie. There are parts of the process that I love and live for, and parts that I despise. I think the same goes for talking, promoting, whatever. There are [hay] certain conversations that are really fun to get into, and then with anything, certain aspects that could get heavy. But yeah, it’s part of the job, I think.”

The hardest shot to achieve? It’s hard to say because there are some… There’s the kind where you’re trying to make a big camera, or you instinctively know you’re getting close to something that’s going to take a long time to shoot, but you… You’re not going to have to shoot coverage, so it’s like once you film it, you film the whole scene. You end up making your page count per day. It’s just that you spend two days on one take, but that take is five minutes of film, or something like that,” she said.

In addition, the filmmaker referred to one of the most difficult moments of his career and why it was so complex to go through this.

“The premiere of La La Land it would be one of those. In this case, near the opening, the meandering twister wanders through the party’s opening sequence. That took about a day: a few days of rehearsal, a day to shoot, or maybe a day and a half to shoot, or something like that. I would say that, in a way, maybe that was… Well, they each had things that made them more or less difficult than the others, but I would say that’s where you can isolate a single shot and say, “Okay. That’s the hardest single take,” she recalled.

That there is something primitive and timeless about the images that flicker on a wall, whether “in the days of cave painting or in a movie theater, that I think will never go away. That bigger idea and the realization of our character, that’s the epiphany for me on some level. It’s not that he wants to reduce it to words, but that on some level there is something bigger that he can only dimly comprehend, that any of us can only dimly comprehend. That we are all just cogs in this much bigger wheel that will outlive us all,” he added of the impact What do you hope your film will have?

Directed and written by Damien Chazelle, Babylon stars Margot Robbie, Brad Pitt, Diego Calva, Katherine Waterston and Tobey Maguire. This is its synopsis: “Set in Los Angeles during the 1920s, it tells a story of ambition and inordinate excess that traces the rise and fall of multiple characters during a time of rampant decadence and depravity in the dawn of Hollywood.” The premiere is scheduled for January 20, 2023.

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