The Day of Canine and Feline Health and Well-being arrives in Los Olivos

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Hermosillo, Sonora; August 22, 2022.- Like every Saturday, the Ministry of Health (SSA) and animal civil associations carried out the Canine and Feline Health and Well-being Day in the Los Olivos neighborhood.

On this occasion, neither the inclemency of the rain stopped the settlers in the area nor the staff who treated the pets with their services.

Such is the case of Rosa Icela Rosales, a neighbor who came with four cats in order to sterilize them and receive the services offered. In her opinion, it was a unique opportunity to help the family economy of citizens, since sometimes it is not possible to take pets to the veterinarian due to the high cost of consultations.

“This type of sterilization services helps with animal overpopulation and, in my case, it helps me because I rescued a kitten and she was pregnant when I rescued her and, well, the litter was very large, it was six kittens. And now I have three children and my mother left. I have had to take my pets to sterilization, which are very expensive, and one saves a lot with these days because they do not charge, everything is free, “she said.

On this occasion, the services were offered at the Habitat of the Los Olivos neighborhood, where 91 sterilizations, 140 dewormings, 85 veterinary medical consultations, 62 anti-rabies vaccinations, 45 tick baths and 44 nail cuts were carried out.