The corpse of an elderly man who disappeared in Bauta had been in Legal Medicine for almost six months

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The daughter and son-in-law of Julio Gonzalez Pereza Cuban who has been missing since February whose death was confirmed In the last few hours, they denounced that the body of the old man had remained for more than five months in Legal Medicine.

In a live broadcast from Miami, the city where they reside, Ana González and Reynaldo Pérez explained that they were able to confirm the sad news after giving a positive DNA test that was performed on the body together with the sample taken from a son residing on the island. .

As they explained, it was a complicated process in which the family had little support from the authorities.

The exact cause of the old man’s death is currently unknown.

“I am very dissatisfied. First, there was no raw material to do the DNA test, after they were on vacation. It is insufficient for me”, complained the victim’s son-in-law, who was visibly indignant and described as profound “disrespect” what happened.

He recalled that the “family implored, begged Cuban government organizations” to give them a result, and they did nothing but delay the process.

“After all that time, the family is there to see how they can collect the body and bring it to give it a dignified burial in Bauta”said Reynaldo Pérez, who did not specify exactly in which office of Legal Medicine the body was found.

Relatives of the deceased denounced that they have received little support from the police, who have not shown much interest in the case since the disappearance was reported.

“However, to go out and look for those who go out to demonstrate peacefully, for that there is repression and there are cars. We are very indignant. This has to stop in Cuba“Insisted the son-in-law of the deceased.

“My indignation is so great that the only thing I ask of life is that Díaz-Canel pay for each fact. Because he knew this and did not even deign to show his face, and now they appear with this situation. That body has been there for too long, “she stressed in reference to the corpse that has ended up being her missing father-in-law.

Ana and Reynaldo took the opportunity to emphatically thank the many people in Bauta, Artemisa province, and from different places throughout the island who were interested in the case and tried to help in some way in recent months.

“A deep pain that rips out my heart and leaves me with a great emptiness and silence. You already left, my old man, on that endless journey leaving a lot of sadness in your whole family. Rest easy, dad, please. Never, ever will you We will forget, we will always miss you and need you, you are my life forever,” Ana González wrote in the Facebook post announcing the confirmation of her father’s death.

Julio González Pérez disappeared on February 23. On that day, the 80-year-old man, who suffered from advanced Alzheimer’s, he left his house, located at Calle 134 # 24702, between 247 and 249, Nuevo Vedado, Bauta, dressed in dark blue pants, a pink sweater and a cap.

Since then, his daughter and son-in-law have not stopped pressing and asking for help on social networks to find him, and even offered a reward to whoever located him.

In May the family denounced that the police had done nothing to find him. They even called the Bauta police unit, but they only told them that they were doing their job.