The CONMEBOL Anti-Doping Unit and a contribution to the development of world soccer medicine

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  • The Director of the CONMEBOL Anti-Doping Unit, Osvaldo Pangrazio, and 8 medical officials, shared their experiences and knowledge in the book “Medicine and Sciences Applied to Soccer”

It is important to highlight the contribution made by Doctor Pangrazio and 8 CONMEBOL medical officials for the book Medicine and Sciences Applied to Football, a copy managed by the MED Clinic of Chile, editors: Dr. Roberto Yáñez Díaz and Dra. Sandra Macheta Matsudo .

This means a great step for the South American development in medicine and sciences applied to soccer and they will be references not only for South America, but also worldwide. This is reflected in innovative topics such as gene doping and the application of big data to measure player performance.

“Medicina y Ciencias aplicadas al fútbol” is an unprecedented work in Chile and Latin America, which brings together 178 professionals from more than 15 countries, and which addresses new trends in areas such as physiology, biomechanics, nutrition, sports medicine, traumatology, soccer female, kinesiology, biological therapies and technology and innovation in soccer.

The publication contains 120 chapters with the participation of professionals from Chile, Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay, Colombia, Denmark, Spain, Ireland and Portugal:

Chapters in which CONMEBOL has had contributions:

  • Chapter 23. Medical monitoring of soccer training – Dr. Mauricio Serrato (COL)
  • Chapter 26. Sudden death in soccer – Dr. Fernando Yáñez (CHI)
  • Chapter 27. Evaluation and management of concussion – Dr. Jorge Pagura (BRA)
  • Chapter 28. Concussion in soccer: CONMEBOL recommendations – Dr. Osvaldo Pangrazio (PAR), Dr. Jorge Pagura (BRA) and Dr. Francisco Forriol (ESP)
  • Chapter 41. CONMEBOL protocol for the management of COVID 19 – Dr. Osvaldo Pangrazio (PAR) and Dr. Francisco Forriol (ESP)
  • Chapter 42. Anti-doping controls in South American football – CONMEBOL – Dr. Osvaldo Pangrazio – (PAR) and Gabriela Gossen (PAR)
  • Chapter 43. Genetic and blood doping – Dr. Rocio Nuche (CHI)
  • Chapter 50. Epidemiology of soccer injuries: experiences in official CONMEBOL competitions – Dr. Osvaldo Pangrazio – (PAR) and Dr. Francisco Forriol (ESP)
  • Chapter 61. Goalie injuries – Dr. Daniel Stumbo (ARG)
  • Chapter 73. Identification of risk factors in anterior cruciate ligament injury – Dr. Matias Roby (ARG) and collaborator
  • Chapter 118. Soccer: a leap into technology and innovation- Big Data and artificial intelligence – Dr. Hugo Marambio (CHI)

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