The confession that Jennifer Garner would have made about Ben Affleck after his wedding with Jennifer Lopez

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She was one of the guests at the wedding, but as expected, Jennifer Garner did not attend. The former wife of Ben Affleck for 12 years, he maintains a very cordial relationship with his ex and this has been shown after his divorce.

Despite being separated, she has been an important bulwark in his relapses and admissions to rehabilitation centers, being by his side at all times as the father of his children.

However, the wedding Jennifer Lopez It could have been for her, according to close sources, a real liberation. They claim that it is very likely that she is “excited to have gotten rid of a fourth child,” said the source to the site. Page Six.

(Photo by Amy Sussman/KCA2021/Getty Images for Nickelodeon) Jennifer Garner

While the one who was her husband and partner on the tape Daredevil He was marrying his already wife, she was having a great time in South Charleston, according to this medium. There she shared special moments with her father William and her current partner, John Miller.

“Jen has always acted the same, no matter who Ben has been with. She has children, so if she has another episode, or falls again, that would be her problem as well,” this source explains. Page Six.

Even so, the fact that he has married Jennifer, somehow it is as if the matter no longer falls entirely on her, who has ceased to be, so to speak, one of her great protectors.

  (Photo by C Flanigan/WireImage) Jennifer Garner

(Photo by C Flanigan/WireImage) Jennifer Garner

Likewise, Ben, as his friends and close ones point out, is going through one of his best moments in health and personally, having overcome his demons of the past.

Happy with Jennifer Lopez, the mother of her children is also happy, and a lot, because that affects the greatest thing they have, their offspring.


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