The blockade of the US regulator for the purchase of Activision Blizzard is no longer unconstitutional

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One of the most important obstacles that Microsoft has encountered on its way through buy Activision Blizzard is the FTC (US Federal Trade Commission). This regulatory has tried to block the acquisition interposing a monopoly lawsuitand Microsoft has responded to this with a document in which the decision is dismissed as unconstitutionalsince he considered that the entity violated several laws of the US Constitution. with his movement.

“We quickly update our answer to omit language that suggests otherwise under the constitution” (David Cuddy)

However, Microsoft now surprises us by backtracking with a new modification of your answer which, marked by Axios, remove all grounds for which he said the FTC was acting unconstitutionally. “The FTC has an important mission to protect competition and consumers, and we quickly updated our response to omit language that suggests otherwise under the constitution”, David Cuddy, Microsoft public affairs spokesman, tells Axios.

“Initially we put all the potential arguments on the table internally and we should have abandoned these defenses before sending them out,” Cuddy continues. “We appreciate feedback on these defenses and are connecting directly with those who have raised concerns to make our position clear.” Added to this, it is worth noting that Activision has mimicked Microsoft’s change in its own response.

The FTC is open to a settlement

Although it will soon be a year since the announcement of the purchase of Activision Blizzard by Microsoft, everything indicates that the US, UK and European regulatory It will take a few more months to approve the operation. In this sense, the same FTC admitted that “substantial discussions” with Microsoft have not yet taken placebut always is open to a remedy or settlement proposal during or after litigation.

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