The best restaurant in Latin America is in Peru: El Central

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The best restaurant in Latin America is called Central and it is in the capital of Peru, Lima. The second is another of the region’s classics, Don Julio, in the Palermo neighborhood of Buenos Aires. The third place is again for Peru, the Maido; and the fourth has a Brazilian accent, A casa do porco, in Sao Paulo. The gala of the best Latin American restaurants, held this Tuesday night and sponsored by S. Pellegrino and Acqua Panna, has distinguished a total of four Peruvians among the 10 best. Mexico, the country that hosted the event in Mérida, places Pujol at the top of the list, which is completed by two establishments in Chile and Colombia. El Maito, from Panama City, climbs 36 places and is placed at the top of haute cuisine, with number six.

Brazilian cuisine has received strong recognition in these awards, both among the top 50 and among those ranging from 51 to 100. Among the smallest countries, Sublime, the best restaurant in Guatemala, stands out for the first time in this category. ready; or the Parador la Huella, from Uruguay; the Gustu, leader in Bolivia; and Nuema, from Ecuador. Chefs Rafal Rincón, from Santiago de Chile, received a special mention for his project to distribute food to the poor, and Manoella Buffara, who received the award for best cook. She is the manager of the Manu restaurant, in Curitiba (Brazil), which reached number 46 on the list.

Every year since 2013, the rating of the best kitchens de Latinoamérica is made with the anonymous votes of experts in the field of gastronomy, chefs, critics, prestigious gourmets, gastronomic writers and restaurateurs spread throughout the continent, they explain on the organization’s page. A group of 300 people with a balance of both sexes, they say, can just as easily vote for a lost restaurant in the Amazon or a renowned one in Mexico City. Each one nominates their 10 favorites. The voting and the results are carried out by the consulting firm Deloitte.

In these times, the kitchen has challenges that place it at the level of what citizens demand in all areas: sustainability, labor rights, ethical food supply, fight against unnecessary waste. This conscious approach to the risks that the world is going through is a substantial part of the praise of great restaurants today, which the gala has called conscious cooking. It asks how locals can contribute to a better society and examines culinary traditions for inspiration.

The festival has brought together chefs from all over the world who have participated in events organized in Mérida, some of them, they say, “for the benefit of social causes.” Yucatecans and visitors have also been able these days to enjoy the kitchen open to the public and get to know the local producers’ market, as well as ancestral gastronomic techniques. In the Yucatecan peninsula, the Cancun restaurant Le Chique was ranked 17th, with a special mention for its chef, Jonatán Gómez Luna.

The 50 best restaurants in Latin America

1. Central, Peru

2. Don Julio, Argentina

3. Maido, Peru

4. A casa do porco, Brazil

5. El Chato, Colombia

6. Maito, Panama

7. Pujol, Mexico

8. Kjolle, Peru

9. Mayta, Peru

10. Borago, Chile

11. Merit, Peru

12. Oteque, Brazil

13. Leo, Colombia

14. Evvai, Brazil

15. Misiguene, Argentina

16. Wildlife, Mexico

17. Le Chique, Mexico

18. Villa Torel, Mexico

19. Celele, Colombia

20. Lasai, Brazil

21. Peanuts, Brazil

22. The favorite of Palermo, Argentina

23. Sud 777, Mexico

24. Nuema, Ecuador

25. Parador La Huella, Uruguay

26.Chila, Argentina

27. Metzi, Brazil

28. Maximo Bistrot, Mexico

39. Ark, Mexico

30. Astrid and Gaston, Peru

31. Sublime, Guatemala

32. Rafael, Peru

33. DOM, Brazil

34. Pangea, Mexico

35. Charco, Brazil

36. Aramburu, Argentina

37. Rosetta, Mexico

38. Osso, Peru

39. Nelita, Brazil

40. Elena, Argentina

41. Mayor, Mexico

42. The Dozen, Mexico

43. Quintonil, Mexico

44. Thousand, Peru

45. Gustu, Bolivia

46. ​​Munu, Brazil

47. Diaca, Guatemala

48. Great Dabbang, Argentina

49. Free table, Colombia

50. Julia, Argentina

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