The best pages to learn typing online and for free

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Improve your typing with these typing websites.

Today there are many websites with which you can learn or discover a new talent, such as free courses to learn programming or those that allow you to improve your ability to type on your computer keyboard, speeding up the time it takes you to write papers and articles, then it is best to practice typing. And for this there are web pages that allow you to improve in this aspect, all for free. In this post, we have compiled a list of some of the best options.

Learning to write quickly and correctly (without typos) is important. Therefore, the best way to do it is through typing. Fortunately, there are web pages designed for people to can learn and develop skills, like speed typing. In the next lines, we will list some of the best alternatives.

Best pages to learn typing

The best pages to learn typing online and for free

If you want to learn this new skill, feel free to visit the best typing websites that we will mention below.

  • Free Touch Typing Software
  • Typing Lessons
  • rat type
  • Free Online Typing Test
  • Typing Training

Typing is an art and should be practiced by all to improve these skills of writing. In these websites that we will talk about next, you will find everything you need to improve in this aspect, from the basics to the advanced level. With this you will be able to optimize and shorten the time you spend on the computer, using the keyboard.

Free Touch Typing Software

The best pages to learn typing online and for free

This website contains the best teaching strategies to teach typing, especially to the little ones at home.

To start with, we have the Free Touch Typing Software platform which is ideal for the little ones in the house learn typing and the art of writing. This site offers just over 600 levels that you can take part in, even if you don’t know anything about it.

Through this page you can learn about the proper position of the hands on the keyboard, as well as the fingers. Also you can participate in various games to learn to compare and everything you need. However, it is necessary to point out that in practice there is success.

Typing club official website

Typing Lessons

The best pages to learn typing online and for free

Another of the best alternatives to learn typing is Typing Lessons, with which you can take guided courses with tutorials and daily tasks.

Continuing with the best platforms to learn typing, we must mention Typing Lessons. This is one of the most popular and useddue to the didactic nature of his course, through tutorials, daily activities and many more.

On this page you will find challenges that are adjusted to the level of people, whether they are children or adults. There is no excuse not to give it a try, since this platform provides you with an achievement system that rewards you with each milestone you achieve. Not to mention that it is available in several languages.

Typing Lessons official website

rat type

The best pages to learn typing online and for free

Ratatype is one of the best websites to learn the basics of typing and practice exercises if you have been in the art of writing for some time.

This website has been designed to cover all the essentials of typing, including typing posture, the location of the hands and fingers, among others. In this way, once you master the basics, you can start in this art of writing.

To improve the learning experience, this website incorporates dynamic game components, so both children and adults can enjoy of this process. In addition, it allows users to practice other languages.

Rattype official website

Free Online Typing Test

The best pages to learn typing online and for free

It stands out for its fun way of teaching typing; where you can simulate various situations in which you must test your typing speed.

On this platform you will find a simulator that you can adjust at will and theme with different situations or elements that suit you, such as stories, songs, words, among others.

You can also adjust the time that the tests will last in a period between 1 minute up to 20 minutes. As long as you write you can go visualizing what you have writtenbugs, fixes and much more.

Free Online Typing Test Official Website

Typing Training

The best pages to learn typing online and for free

Typing Training includes 16 lessons from basic to advanced to learn all about typing.

With this website you can learn typing online and completely free of charge, through a 16-lesson process. The interface of this platform is quite intuitive, since you will find a keyboard.

this platform will help you learn to type faster and successful. Also, as you progress, the level of difficulty of the lessons will increase.

Definitely, this is one of the best platforms, because you offers writing accuracy lessons, distribution of errors and much more. In addition to that you will find many games to make it a more fun process.

Typing Training official website

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