the amazing work of fans to create an unofficial version of the game released 26 years ago

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‘Mario Kart 64’ It is one of the most beloved titles in the series because it left us emblematic clues that we continue to cover even today, in ‘Mario Kart 8 Deluxe’. For this reason, it is so loved that a group of fans got down to the task of making a remaster in HD of this title.

After a job that lasted two years, the Enhanced64 team finished their work and presented the final product of what they called ‘Mario Kart 64 HD’, which cannot be played on your home console, naturally. but that is really impressive.

The result is fabulous and you can see the spirit they put into this project. The textures and characters look so good that they seem part of a recent installment for the Nintendo Switch, making it a work that could easily pass for one included in the series of remakes in HD, which Nintendo has introduced in recent years.

In spite of everything, it must be remembered that this type of development they don’t usually last long onlinebecause Nintendo has some harsh policies of copyright in which there is no room for fan projects. We can recall some cases, such as that of the HD port for PC of ‘Mario 64’.

‘Mario Kart 64’ turned 25 during the past 2021 and as we had already said, it is one of the most popular installments. Not only because of its fun clues but because, being only the second installment of the franchise, it made the leap to 3D thanks to the iconic Nintendo 64.

The most impressive of all is that it is still a very fun title and that, despite its years behind us, it has not aged badly. This fact helps that the ‘Mario Kart 64 HD’ project of the fans had many tools to continue being a delivery that looks “fresh”. You can play the original installment on the Nintendo Switchmaking use of the Nintendo Switch Online with the Expansion Pack.

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