The alpine house prefabricated and capable of withstanding floods

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A market flooded with premade houses and that never ceases to amaze us because every day the proposals and solutions offered by the manufacturing firms in charge of creating these wonders of households capable of offering countless construction benefits, as well as speed and ease of installation in the final destinations of these houses. The vast majority of them maintain advanced features that allow them to achieve an excellent isolation thermal and sonorous; Therefore, based on this statement, the following lines will be dedicated to the study of a prefabricated house capable of avoid the floods and to keep you cool in the harshest of heat conditions.

Design studios break their brains managing to maximize the creativity of its designers in order to stand out in solutions residential that offer high functionality from all points of view and that of course maintain high quotas of originality architectural and decorative that makes them look appealing and integrable to the environment in which they are found; let’s see this alternative thai based on a construction alpine with external features similar to the folding house and that is causing a great furor thanks to its incredible properties.

A home based on containers and impressive thermal insulation

When it is possible to combine design with functionality and versatility, you have charming results that maintain high rates of good performance for certain needs, as well as a great adaptation to the scenery natural where they will be assembled, making the most of these full characteristics of integration with nature; which in the long run also makes them homes capable of integrating into the environment and providing an excellent ecological footprint related to their design.

The prefabricated house named “the Container Cabin” is built in Thailand and is an integral part of the so-called OOST Campville project, which tries to transform a rice field into an alluvial plain, is located in the Nakhon Nayok area (with a privileged location and very close to Bangkok) and is being directed by the study of Tung Jai Ork Baa architecture.

Unpublished solutions for this prefabricated home

The construction maintains a beginning where the approach was based on providing a solution to the low availability of materials construction and workers in the area where the construction would take place. So obviously the best solution was to employ the use of the containers of shipments and thus create completely prefabricated spaces that could be moved to the assembly site where it is obviously a place away from the bustling city and where it is perfectly possible to enjoy the benefits of direct contact with the nature.

Containers have been used that have been distributed along a perfectly steep roof made of metal, which gives it an air of House alpine with a large share of functionality in these grounds undoubted and with a design that has been made attractive through a complete balance between its internal and external areas. The solution achieved to avoid the frequent rains in this area was achieved by creating a high tank on a concrete base, which maintains a dividing line in the middle in order to create a common space that goes wonderfully with the design.

bedroom terraces balconies shadow

The high rate of heat transfer through the metal walls of the containers also resulted in a headache for the design team, so the oversized A-shaped roof was a very fitting solution, while at the same time creating the necessary space for terraces and balconies intermissions over the cabin. Achieving a design that allows the metallic surface of the containers can perfectly match the roof structure.

A house with a perfect distribution of its spaces

In the center of the living room of the house a lower void is created due to the stacking of the cabin itself, there a platform by way of terrace shaded area made of wood and fully marked by a metal canopy that protrudes from the A-shaped roof structure. Towards the west of the house are the spaces livable and the bedrooms contained within the containers and towards it is another container that serves as an additional bedroom and maintains direct access to the swimming pool.

nature integration sustainable recyclable

In the internal area, all the containers merge with the full intention of creating spaces for elderly amplitude both in length and width, so that many areas of the walls have been replaced by windows of full height and by the use of many sliding doors, which ultimately generate more space. Additionally, many of the original sections of the containers have been reused as shutters, which creates a great deal of shade and privacy to the people who enjoy this prefabricated house.

Achieving the wonderful genius of creating spaces that are friendly to nature and that also effectively solve problems of habitability, as in this case where it was necessary to overcome the problem of flooding, as well as the optimal use of containers that allow labor and the costs associated with the final construction to be almost non-existent. A House prefabricated striking that works as a perfect country home and where the nature lives in full harmony with this build.