the actress Natalia Alcocer exhibits the aggressions of her ex-partner

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the mexican actress Natalia Alcocerhe shared on September 20 through his Instagram account, videos and photographs of the aggressions he has suffered from his ex-partner and father his daughters, the engineer and businessman Juan José Chimal VelascoHe also denounced a judge for letting him leave the country despite being linked to violence.

In the publication there are photos of Natalia showing bruises and wounds on her body, recordings of security cameras where a man appears who pulls her hair and pushes her, as well as an audio where Juan José Chimal allegedly insults her repeatedly.

“Today I raise my voice because I fear for my life, I have lived through hell for five years, physical, psychological, emotional violence and sexual assault“Expressed the actress.

About the authorities he mentioned: “Judge Luz de María González Reyesinflated my aggressor, made him feel that he could do anything even when linked by violence, let him leave the country; right now the man is mocking on social networks”.

He also accused Chimal Velasco of violating his daughters: “having fun at the expense of the suffering and mental health of my daughters.”

The actress added: “I was violent, with the fact that he was untouchable, that former President Enrique Peña Nieto had him protected.” It should be remembered that Chimal Velasco was the brother-in-law of former President Peña because he was married to the sister of the former president.

“Let’s not forget that violence is like a cancer, if we detect it in time we can eliminate it, I am the announcement of a femicide,” the actress reiterated, then asked users for help to spread the recording and pointed out: “if something happens to me, my daughters or my family, I blame this man and his influence peddling. It is not my voice, it is the voice of all women who experience any type of violence in this country; justice for my daughters.

On September 14, the actress shared her case for the first time and narrated that on the 12th before Judge Luz de María González Reyes, she felt “totally powerless, unprotected by the system”, since it allowed Chimal Velasco to leave the country for the September 15 holiday.

“The only thing I argued was that how could he be allowed to go on a work trip, which seemed more of pleasure, while my daughters continued to experience the economic violence that he exercises against me and against them to this day. The only thing I ask for is peace,” said Natalia Alcocer.

In addition, he pointed out: “I want this man to be in jail, I want him to leave my daughters alone, so they can have a normal life. I work, it doesn’t hurt me to spend a peso on my daughters, not one; but the prosecution and the system that is supposed to take care of us, does not. It seems I have to arrive dead or disfigured for it to be a serious matterso that the gentleman can be put in jail”.

September 15 Alcocer asked for help from Alessandra Rojo de la Vega, general director of Social Development of the Miguel Hidalgo mayor’s officeand claimed to fear for his integrity and that of his daughters.