The 3 most lustful kisses of the Korean series that you should NOT see with your parents

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The K-dramas are on the rise, everything from Korea is causing a sensation worldwide, but without a doubt in Mexico it has one of the most important niche followers, being K-Pop and the K-dramas the most consumed products.

The stories of the K-dramas It has a wide range, from horror stories, mafia, mystery, fantasy, among many others, but always having something in common, love, when the protagonists of these series admit their feelings and declare to each other.

All fans of these series are excited when the protagonists kiss or they are finally crushed on each other, that is why now we will remember the 3 Kisses plus lustful of the K-dramas that have thrilled all viewers.

The kisses that raised the temperature in Korean dramas

  • Seo Kang Joon and Esom – The Third Charm

Both actors became the kings of the Kisses from the sofa, while they are both watching a movie in the apartment of one of them, she asks him about the area where his sexual sensitivity is and he says he doesn’t know, immediately afterwards she begins to tickle him and that is when the kiss between the two is passionate before being interrupted.

  • Park Seo Joon and Park Min Young – What’s Wrong with Secretary Kim

Both protagonists had a great spark on and off stage, many viewers said that seeing them together in the series was like seeing a real life couple living their day to day. In this scene, they both meet at his house and start kissing that are about to lead to something else on the sofa, without a doubt a scene that made the hearts of many accelerate.

  • Park Seo Joon and Uhm Jung Hwa – A Witch’s Romance

Both characters share a can of beer that overflows at the moment of opening it, at that moment they approach the can and their eyes meet as well as their lips and their bodies and both are involved in a whirlpool of passions that runs through the whole. department that ends in the bed.

Why don’t they kiss in Korean novels?

The Kisses within the Korean series they are a miracle, it is when the audience knows that it is reaching the best part of the story, in South Korea they are extremely conservative on many issues that range from physical contact as well as homosexuality and women’s liberation.

The country is largely governed by the rules of Buddhism and Confucianism, from the age of 7 they must live with people of the same sex, so it is more common for displays of affection to occur between these groups.


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