The 3 basics from Zara Home that are best for your home

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good ideas for decorate, ingenuity, creativity and good taste are essential to create comfortable areas with personality. What this will achieve is that we have a place full of atmosphereand there Zara Home She is the undisputed queen. Not only because in it we find a large number of articles for all homes, styles and tastes, but also because it is seen in a comfortable way to integrate good furniture as you have always wanted.

So, and view Zara Home As one of the most prestigious Spanish decoration stores today, we have taken a look at its online catalog in which we have found some basics for the home that will be very important to dress the different areas in a different way than what you used to. In fact, it is quite likely that what you are going to see next you have not seen before. They are very attractive.

Zara has the best alternatives to dress your home naturally

Very associated with natural style of a trend that is sweeping this year, Zara Home has sought the best for everyone in what will be a serene and balanced decoration, not only in the living room but also in all rooms of the house. As such, and as you have been able to realize in the different elements that you currently have, the predominant color palette will be raw, earthy, blue and green tones that, accompanied by various natural materials, will create warm environments.

And this is precisely what we want to know in the Zara Home store, with very pleasant proposals and which we know will be very well done to dress your home in a nice and simple shape. There are many examples, but this time we are going to focus on the three basic (and very accessible) ones that you have from home. decoration and furniture: a rustic folding chair, its distinctive jute rug with geometric patterns and a pleasant cube-shaped wooden side table to make your room even more distinctive.

Zara Home has the rustic folding chair to set your living room vintage

As you can see in these lines, the Galician firm of fashion and decoration Zara Home has become more ‘arty’ than ever so that we have an ideal home, decoration and environment with all the flavor of the Mediterranean in our own home. All of them stand out for being elements that will show our space with one hand warm, simple and, above all, comfortable and beautiful for all those moments in which we must enjoy our own environment.

For this, and showing itself as one of the accessories that will make it very showy in each place where we place it, it is a rustic chair folding in the purest style of what we are showing you from the new Zara Home collection for this season, so it will give your living room the most welcoming environment. Very accessible to have a beautiful and attractive environment on all fronts for any part of your living room, it has a price of €116. Enjoy it!

The jute rug with geometric drawings from Zara Home that will best combine with your home

Decorate interiors with rugs It is a great way to set your home in the simplest way, that the mere fact of installing a rug in the middle of the living room, next to the TV or in front of the dining table gives a pleasant color to your home. For this reason, and to give even more showiness to what will be a wonderful place with great shades of color and furniture that will take us to where we want most, Zara Home brings us one of its most popular rugs.

And when you see it you will understand why. One of the purposes of rugs is to help define a space and consider how to decorate a room with them, which will make it easier for you to set your place based on their warmth. It is a carpet jute with drawings geometric and fringes, which together with the rest of the accessories will give the maximum flavor to your house. Available in various shades, we can buy it at Zara Home for just €29.99.

Jute rug with drawings Zara Home

The auxiliary cube table for a more traditional change of environment

We think that you may need an extra table to expand your space in the dining room, although it also works very well to expand it to the terrace or the garden. Well, that is what we have found inside Zara Home with a side table that you can buy in an interesting way, because now it is at a reduced price. It is light and compact and includes a bag to store and transport it made of cotton. It will be perfect for a change of environment more craft.

Cube side table Zara Home

Perfect for putting a disruptive note in a space with a different note, this is a wooden side table that is cut cube shaped, totally solid, which guarantees that it will last you for life. Its measurements are 45×30 x30, which allows us to place it anywhere in your home. Valid for the living room or dining room, its shape and design means that we can also place it in any room, where you can place any of your personal effects on it, as well as any vase. Very showy, it has a price of €79.99.