Tessa Blanchard reveals that she is focused on her studies

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Despite being one of the most prominent wrestlers in the professional wrestling business, Tessa Blanchard has a reputation for being a “toxic” locker room partner. The former IMPACT world champion has had conflicts in various promotions, such as Women of Wrestlingwhere his behavior problems caused a break with managementwhich did not count on her for her first television recordings for the relaunch of the company.

Since then, Blanchard has kept a low profile, appearing on a few occasions on the independent scene, in companies such as Hurricane Pro Wrestling Y Pennsylvania Premiere Wrestling. In the meantime, The fighter has also decided to focus on her university studiesas revealed in a recent interview with Bill Apter, of Sportskeeda.

“I do it a little bit on purpose (keep a low profile),” Blanchard said. “I like to keep some things for myself and others for my family. Right now I’m studying at UTSAthe University of Texas at San Antonio, which is my main goal. So, it’s my priority right now. I try to fight in one or two matches a monthnot much more than that at the moment, honestly.”

About your current priorities

“Yes, I will focus (on wrestling) when it makes me feel happy. Honestly, that’s my main priority right now, my happiness. I don’t want to compromise my happiness for anything, not for money, not for popularity, not for followersor anything like that” (transcript courtesy of Sportskeeda).

At only 27 years old, Blanchard has already earned a negative reputation in the wrestling world, even being accused of being racist and bullying other female wrestlers.which is why large companies, such as WWE Y AEWthey have not shown their interest for incorporating her into their ranks.

Since her departure from IMPACT Wrestling two and a half years ago, the fighter has not worked for a major promotion. His last fight took place on September 10teaming up with Dani Mo to beat Cosmic and Rembrandt in PPW Anniversary IX.

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