Tequila from Luisito Comunica arrives at Oxxo and this is what it costs

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  • Currently, data from the brand itself reveals that, throughout Mexico, there are more than 17,400 Oxxo stores.

  • Today, Oxxo is the company with the largest number of branches for the collection of remittances in Mexico, according to the Bank of Mexico.

  • Luisito Comunica is one of the most followed content creators, with an audience numbering in the millions on TikTok, Instagram and YouTube.

An Oxxo employee used his TikTok account to announce that “Gran Malo”, Luisito Comunica’s tequila, has reached the retail.

Before the term and/or concept of “content creator” was made known, there was that of “youtuber“, same that would house a litter of creatives who, to this day, are part of that select list of the most important creators of social networks.

One of the best known and followed in Mexico is, without a doubt, Luisito Comunica, who on Instagram it has 32.2 million followers, while on TikTok it has 15.3 million followers. For his part, on YouTube, there are 39 million subscribers who live on his channel.

On the other hand, we talk about one of the influencers best paid, as revealed by a recent study, which indicates that Comunica’s monthly income ranges between 49.7 thousand and 785.5 thousand dollars per month.

And it is that, in addition to social networks, part of Luisito Comunica’s income arises from his businesses, such as his “Fasfú Burger” and “Deigo Ramen” restaurants, as well as “Gran Malo”, its brand of tequila that has even been tested by some influencersas was the case with the so-called “Gucci Boy”.

Oxxo employee presents Luisito Comunica’s tequila, “Gran Malo”

Through TikTok, An Oxxo employee announced that “Gran Malo”, Luisito Comunica’s tequila, finally arrived at the storealso revealing the price it will cost.

For brands today, social networks are much more than a requirement to show their presence, but we are talking about highly relevant spaces to reach a new niche of consumers who, inevitably, arrived with these platforms.

Thus, under the name of jhonnyupsthe Oxxo worker has taken advantage of his presence on the Chinese social network to publicize his experiences as an employee of the brand, as well as offers and other information.

In this way, according to what he tells in one of his most recent videos, the tequila of the influencer Luisito Comunica, “Great Bad”, arrived at Oxxo with a price of “289 pesos so far”.


Has something similar happened to them when they put refills? #storytime #oxxo #johnnyups #for you

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Currently, throughout Mexico, there are more than 17,400 Oxxo stores, according to what the brand mentions on its own websitea fact that speaks of the relevance that the store has gained over the years.

Likewise, according to information from the Bank of Mexico, the convenience store chain was the company with the largest number of branches for the collection of remittances in Mexico, in 2019, with a total of 19,146 establishments, according to a study by the Bank of Mexico.

However, on a previous occasion, another of Luisito Comunica’s brands, “Fasfú Burger”, arrived in Peru, where a pair of influencers decided to review their burgers. These are two characters who are dedicated to trying all kinds of food in Lima, Peru, and that is how they came to Fasfú Burger to create their content.

Posted from YouTube, in his video, both influencers rate the hamburgers at Luisito Comunica’s restaurant and, apparently, the product has not been well received.

In short, the scenario for social networks seems unbeatable, where, according to expert estimates, both TikTok and Instagram will continue to consolidate in the market.

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