Temazcales: CDMX government promotes traditional medicine

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The ritual begins: the firewood burns to give heat to the stones and thus prepare the temazcal for one healing.

“The Temazcal is a very powerful tool left by our grandparents, in that ancient knowledge, to heal above all the spirit”

Alfonso Galicia | Councilor of Temazcales

Enter with the hot stones. After a mixture of herbs emanates a series of vapors, which embrace those present, this time the patient is Carmen Olivares.

“I had many emotional conflicts and had very frequent headaches on the left side”

Carmen Olivares | Patient

Here nature has a range of antidotes.

“I as a guide provide them with certain types of plants, according to the discomfort that each one brings.”

Alfonso Galicia | Councilor of Temazcales

To cure, they say, the origin of the symptoms.

“All their lives they take pills for headaches, for arm pain, for back pain, but you don’t go to that introspection that they do in there, to see when my head started to hurt”

Carmen Olivares | Patient

This Temazcal is located in Santa Cruz Tulyehualco, Xochimilco mayor’s office and is part of register of 28 Traditional Medicine sites Promoted by the Secretariat of Original Towns and Neighborhoods and Resident Indigenous Communities of Mexico City.

It can be consulted on the site

The unit confirms that they have trained personnel.

“First of all, they are recognized in their own profession, they have at least 10 years of experience as traditional therapists”

Felix Epifanio Saenz | Head of Departmental Unit, Traditional Medicine, SEPI

Also, enhance their healing abilities.

“They have given us diplomas and have given us support to strengthen traditional medicine.”

Alfonso Galicia | Councilor of Temazcales

Traditions that are even endorsed by international organizations.

“It has been a heritage that comes from Mesoamerican times and has been recognized by the World Health Organization”.

Felix Epifanio Saenz | Head of Departmental Unit, Traditional Medicine, SEPI

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