Telenovela actor who worked with Ludwika Paleta now sells tacos on the street to survive

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It is common for stories of personalities who triumphed in the guild of the show and who now lead a life away from the spotlight, as well as the hustle and bustle of fame. This is the case of one of the soap opera villains who had his time of success several decades ago and who has now attracted attention again because he is dedicated to a job that is totally removed from what was his work on the recording sets.

Is about Charles Michael, who was an outstanding actor on Televisa, especially in the 1980s and 1990s, despite the fact that he gave life to a series of feared villains in soap operas on the San Ángel television station, the truth is that he is currently far from the show business .

Carlos Miguel Suárez Soto, better known within the artistic guild simply as Carlos Miguel, acted in numerous melodramas such as “Dos mujeres, un camino”, “Dreamers”, “Woman of wood”, “Libre para amarte” and “amigas y rivals” , where he shared credits with actresses like Ludwika Palette, Michelle Vieth, Angélica Vale, Adamary López, Gabriel Soto, Arath de la Torre among others.

He walked away from the spotlight after a kidnapping

It is known that Carlos Miguel decided to get away from the spotlight and the cameras after he was the victim of a kidnapping express seven years ago, this in 2012 and according to what was revealed during an interview for television image, the actor revealed that during the kidnapping he suffered extreme violence, in addition to having the ligaments of his hands cut, his teeth broken and part of the jaw, in addition to receiving threats of death

After this serious event that put his life at risk and made him fear for his days, Charles Michael He revealed that he became depressed and suffered from various health problems, something he had never experienced before, in addition to the fact that due to the blows, his face was no longer the same to appear before the cameras.

sell tacos for a living

Due to adversity, since he had been dedicating himself exclusively to acting for many years, Carlos Miguel had to look for new alternatives to generate income and be able to get his economy forward, so he decided to start his own business selling tacos.

Despite the fact that at the beginning the tacos did not leave him a great income, the actor revealed that one of his friends shared a recipe for little pig pibillwith which he began to have more fame, for which he associated with his friends, that is how he started his taco business called “Tío Ferruco”, which is located near the Chabacano station of the Metro Collective Transportation System of Mexico City.

Carlos Miguel revealed that when he started selling tacos, some people who recognized him began to question him and there were even those who made fun of his job, however, this has never been a problem for him, because he is a man who assured that he knows how to work and that he does what it takes to get out.



He was a soap opera heartthrob and triumphed alongside Verónica Castro; now he dedicates himself to this to survive