Teacher will receive about 2 million pesos after sanction for denying the use of a pronoun

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A High school teacher in Kansas, United States, will get 95 thousand dollars (almost one million 900 thousand pesos) after reaching an agreement after who sued the school district that suspended her for refusing to use the pronouns an LGBT student wanted, her attorneys said.

The teacher is Pamela Ricard, who was suspended last year after repeatedly refusing to use the pronouns the student preferred to be used to refer to her person.

In CBSNews reveal that, in Ricard’s own lawsuit, filed in March, the counselor of High School, Fort Riley, had told him that the student in question preferred a different name than the one listed on your legal and enrollment documents.

Likewise, a classmate told the then teacher, who retired from teaching at the school in May, and was teaching elective math strategies, that the student preferred the pronoun “he”, according to NBCnews.

Despite this, according to the document, the teacher, who had been teaching at the institution since 2005, called the student “Miss” in a “respectful” way.

The educator was suspended for three days and received a formal warning. After a week, the members of the establishment received documents on training in gender diversity.

In addition, teachers were told that those who did not use students’ preferred names and pronouns would be penalized for discrimination, according to the document, as well as told to reserve student applications to their parents.

The teacher tried a religious exemption in which he sustained the biological basis of the birth of man and woman. The situation even reached federal instances, where a court favored the teacher in that her reference is respectful, as well as denying the reservation of the choice of student pronouns to parents, according to US media.

Both the determination, the amount received by the teacher as well as the use of pronouns of the students’ choice provokes debate in the entity, where even specialists have sustained the important benefit that is considered for a young person in that they call him as he deems appropriate on their gender identity.

Given this, members of the Alliance Defending Freedom, legal representatives of the teacher, who describe themselves as defenders of “people’s right to freely live their faith,” described the agreement as “a victory for freedom of expression in the public schools”.

“Mrs. Ricard believes that God created human beings as male or female, that this sex is fixed in each person from the moment of conception and that it cannot be changed, regardless of a person’s feelings, desires or preferences” , says the complaint, which also maintains that forcing her to use the students’ preferred names or pronouns is a violation of her religious beliefs.