Teacher who asked for semen for her students’ homework apologizes: “I’m not a pervert”

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news of a teacher Asking her students for semen aroused outrage and criticism from Bolivian citizens, who accused the teacher of being “perverted” and “irreverent”, among other qualifiers in the comments of the post published on TikTok.

The events reached the local media, who chose to interview the teacher in order to receive her version of the events, as well as her justification for said school request.

With tears in her eyes and a defeated face, the teacher expressed her apologies on television.

“A thousand apologies to the entire population of Bolivia, and especially to my town of Minero, and to my students, who I think the father or someone has taken what I wanted to teach the wrong way. But I have small children, and I am not one of them. perverted, I have small children so I apologize to all parents, my students and the entire population of society that includes all of Bolivia, I think we are human beings, and we all make mistakes.

argued his facts

When questioned about what he wanted to say to the parents and students, he replied that he was sorry for having disrespected them; however, he argued that everyone has made a mistake, so, through his apologies, he tried to “get to the heart” (of those affected).

In turn, he explained that the request was within the study plan of the Ministry of Education, as well as in the curriculum, so at all times he clarified that his intentions were teaching.

He stated that no student gave in to the request to provide their genital fluid, since “none came.” Likewise, he specified that he did not insist to the students before the request, whose purpose was to analyze the characteristics of a spermatozoon with a microscope, in addition to the time it lives in a humid environment.

“I am not a perverted mother, I have my little children, I have one two years old, one who is four and the other eight years old; the psychological damage of my children hurts me, with me they can do whatever they want wins, but my eight-year-old girl tells me, ‘Mom, they are going to put you in jail, and who is going to take care of me?’ to all Bolivia”


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