Taylor Hawkins’ son pays tribute to his father by playing drums with Foo Fighters

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concert in tribute to taylor hawkins It was without a doubt one of the most emotional events that have been held, because even to honor the life of the musician, his son, Shane Hawkins touched the drums With Foo Fighters.

Thus, the 16-year-old minor joined the list of different musicians who gathered to celebrate and remember the drummer, who passed away unexpectedly on March 25, shortly before his presentation in Bogotá, Colombia.

Among them are Elton John, Billie Eilish, Paul McCartney, Brian May, Lars Ulrich, Brian Johnson, Slash, Geddy Lee, and Alex Lifeson, Roger Taylor, Brian May and of course, his friend and bandmate Dave Grohl.

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The latter dedicated a few words before beginning: “Ladies and gentlemen, tonight we meet here to celebrate life And the love of our friend, our bandmate, our brother, Taylor Hawkins.”

Son of Taylor Hawkins honors him

The most emotional moment of the night came with the participation of Shane Hawkins, the son of the drummer, since it was not announced on the poster, so his participation was a pleasant and moving surprise.

“We have one more drummer to come and play with us tonight. I don’t think they’ve seen anyone play the drums like him,” commented Dave Grohl to introduce Shane.

“He is a member of our family, he is special may he be with us all tonight. Ladies and gentlemen, with you Shane Hawkins”, he added and Taylor’s son took the stage to take the place that was his father: drums.

Once ready, Foo Fighters began to perform the theme “My Hero”, in which Shane showed that he inherited the talent of one of the most charismatic and virtuoso drummers; in addition to paying tribute.

Thus, the melody ended with a drum solo while those attending the concert They filled Wembley Stadium in London with applause and cheers for Hawkins’ son, who walked offstage at the end.

The tribute ended with an emotional rendition of Everlong, as is the case with all Foo Fighters concerts; however, this time he just sangor Dave Grohlto end the concert that lasted more than 6 hours.