Tamaulipas: mandatory face mask due to monkeypox

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Tamaulipas: mandatory face mask due to monkeypox
In Tamaulipas, mandatory face mask due to monkeypox. Photo: Cuartoscuro/Archive

In Tamaulipasthe use of face masks is keeps mandatorybut now it is no longer just for cases of coronavirus COVID-19but because of monkeypox infections, as well as severe acute hepatitis, informed the head of the Ministry of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa.

What is known about the use of face masks in Tamaulipas?

Due to confirmed cases of monkey poxthe use of face masks will continue in Tamaulipas, said the Health Secretary in the state, Gloria Molina, when highlighting that 26 suspected cases have been submitted to the tests and only two cases have been positive, that of Matamoros and Tampico; Likewise, 19 have been ruled out and there are five pending results.

Similarly, the head of health in Tamaulipas highlighted the importance of the face mask to counteract the contagion of other diseases such as acute hepatitisat the meeting of the State Health Safety Committee of the state.

According to the health unit in Tamaulipas, this measure of must usage of face mask It will take place mainly in state schools.

What about the COVID figures in Tamaulipas?

According to the latest report, Tamaulipas added 41 new cases of COVID-19 during the last 24 hours, informed the Secretary of Health, Gloria Molina Gamboa, who reiterated her call to reinforce the already known prevention measures that, in addition, protect against other diseases such as monkeypox or severe acute hepatitis.

confirmed two deaths associates to the virusso he asked to complete the scheme of anticovid vaccination and maintain disease control such as obesity, hypertension or diabetes in order to avoid serious pictures.

He specified that Tamaulipas remains in green epidemiological traffic light; nevertheless, the risk of contagion is still present, hence the importance of attendingat all times, health security measures such as the use of the maskfrequent hand washing and healthy distance, mainly.