Take advantage and get this JBL portable speaker for 30% cheaper

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As soon as you know a little about the loudspeaker industry, you should already know that JBL is one of those legendary brands that have been in the PA business for decades and make high-quality products. Well, now you can access one of their portable speakers, the JBL Flip Essential 2for 30% less of its usual price.

A portable speaker can be a great companion. Whether you are with your friends listening to music and chatting on the street or you like to listen to music at home at full volumeyou will not be able to do it if you do not have a good speaker that you can take anywhere.

This JBL Flip Essential 2 it’s a great portable speaker not just because it’s from JBL, but because of everything it has. Let’s see what makes it so special.

This is the JBL Flip Essential 2 portable speaker

Before we start looking at the features of the speaker itself, it is important to mention something. The 2 most relevant aspects when selecting the best portable speaker are: the power and the autonomy of your battery. That said, let’s see what this JBL offers us.

First of all, as regards sound output power refers to the portable speaker JBL Flip Essential 2 It is 20W. Come on, you can play music at full volume without any problem. It is true that other models such as the JBL Flip 6 They have more power30W), but you can rest easy knowing that 20W is more than enough to enjoy your favorite music anywhere.

Regarding transmission power, you will be able to emit sounds of up to 9dBm (EIRP) with frequency ranges between 2400 and 2483.5 MHz.

Secondly, as we said before, let’s talk about the battery. With a battery that you can recharge in 3 hoursyou will be able to take the fun anywhere during the 10 hours of autonomy what’s wrong with it. More than enough time to listen to your favorite Spotify playlist a few times.

Finally, if you want a Portable speaker It’s because you pretend to be able to take it anywhere, right? That is why it is also important, although secondary, its dimensions and weight. Trust me when I tell you that you don’t want to carry a 5kg speaker in your backpack all day. Fortunately, the JBL Flip Essential 2 weight little more than 500 gramsso it won’t look like you’re carrying a backpack full of stones.

Our opinion

Without a doubt, if you like to take your favorite music wherever you go, you need a portable speaker like this JBL. Powerful, laptop and with a good autonomy. Can you ask for anything more? yes make it more cheap.

Well, you’re in luck, because right now he has a 30% discount on Amazon and you can get it by €69.99. Come on, it is ideal to give it this Christmas to that friend that you know has been looking for one for a long time or to be the life of the party.

Are you going to miss the opportunity? Do not waste time. click on this link and get now a 30% discount on this portable speaker JBL Flip Essential 2.

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